Aliens Group - Aliens Group: Aliens space station 1 no construction
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Complaint by: sssr on January 13, 2015, 7:21 am in Building and Construction

Aliens group marketed aliens space station project aggressively in TOI with 2 page detailed ad in weekends.

Project started in 2007 and I booked in year 2011, they promised handover in year 2012. Now even in 2015 there is no sign of completion. It is literally halted.
No updates, when insist, they share same photos and say construction happening.
Over the period, no responses from representatives and this been 3+ years of wait. With no sign of construction, eventually met aliens group officials.

They are very open to say that project will take another two years, that is new projected year of completion is 2015. As per trend, they never stick to committed dates by them like 2012,2013 and now 2015.

So as per them, one need to just accept what they say at any point of time. And top of that they asked 40% more in agreed purchased cost[AOS], flat also is registered. When I said I cannot pay additional 40%, they say I can cancel registered flat. They shall pay nominal interest..hold on..there is a twist. They pay money in terms of a plot[aliens hub]. They clearly say that they cannot make currency to go out of company. I could not even think of this response from this company.

In summary, two years wait and to pay additional 40%. When asked why 40%, they say value addition. They don't demand this 40% through email or letter, it is not in text. But they say that without this amount paid even flat if gets constructed will not be handed over.

Agreement of sale also one sided.

I cannot pay 40% more to what company and I agreed while purchase which is signed on agreement by both parties and cannot wait for another two years[if this 2017 is valid commitment].

So I filed a case for non delivery of flat. Aliens group don't have any concrete plan to finish project.

Please read and take due care before buying. Meet people, read articles in net.

Complainant's Goal: I want my money back as there is no construction for last 3 years.
Complainant's Target: Aliens Group
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra Pradesh

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