Dr. Lal PathLabs - Wrong HBSag(Hepatitis B) report from Dr.Lal PathLabs
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Complaint by: sachin on June 21, 2010, 11:48 am in Health and Medical Stores

I( Sachin Singh) have got HBSag(Hepatitis B) report tested for my wife from Dr.Lal Path Labs South City-II Gurgaon centre last month. This test was done as per the advise from Dr.Anjali Bagga(Gynaecologist) as my wife is preagnant. As per the report., it came positive which left both of us in shocking stage as it was big setback for us considering my wife\'s preganace especially. We immediately contacted our Gynaecologist and she told us that now the line of tretament for my wife will be changed considering Hepatitis B as positive.
Because Hepatitis B is infectious also, so I though of getting it tested for me too and after the test, my report came as Negative. Meanwhile the Gynaecologist also, suggested to go for LFT(Lever functioning Test) for my wife, this report also came as almost normal. So, this has created some doubt in my mind and we repeated this same test for HBSag from two different labs. Both labs gave the report as NEGATIVE for my wife. Then,I told this to Dr.Lal Pathlab and ask them to reconfirm but they told me that their report cannot be wrong and if I want to reconfirm, then I have to pay for that. Anyways, I paid them and got the report retested for HBSag, this time they also gave me the report as Negative. I was shattered to see such kind of carelessness and attitude towards their customer from a reputed Paathology, I told this to their centre, but they said, may be there can be some mistake, I asked them about any apology or refund of money for the tests, on this they told me to contact their Customer Care and they cant do anything on this. I also cantactyed their customer care and they asked me to write them a mail mentioning all the details. I immediately did the same, but its now more than a month and I wrote almost 3 or 4 mails to them but even after gieving them reminders, they are not reverting to my mails. I have attached all the reports inthe mail too.
I have all the reports with me.
I also explained all this to our Gynaecologist, on this she was also amazed to see this big mistake of pathology because she was on a different line of tretament for my wife and for our baby too considering Dr.lal\'s wrong report of HBSag.
Please advise, what can I do to sue Dr.lal Pathlabs as they have caused me and my wife some serious mental harassment, tension, wastage of time and financial loss too.

Thanks & Regards
Sachin Singh

BR//Sachin Singh

Complainant's Goal: To get an apology and proper compensation from the big mistake committed from Pa
Complainant's Target: Dr. Lal PathLabs
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaGurgaon
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1 month ago  Anita Kumari

On 18Th morning blood sample was taken by a person from lal path labs . The person who came to take the blood sample was unexperienced and was not able to draw blood , he pricked the patient many times due to which black marks have been formed .At last he took the blood. We were told that we will get the reports on the same day itself . but we were not given the reports on time . The next day we had doctor’s appointment in another state .

We called the person from lal path labs multiple times but , no response was there from their side. We needed the reports urgently but we were unsure if the reports would be given or not . At last , after our multiple efforts , the reports were given .But, we were given wrong report , the CBC (complete blood count) report was completely faulty . According to the reports by lal path labs the patient’s haemoglobin was 3.30 when we got it checked from another place the haemoglobin came out to be 8 which was the correct report .
How can there be such a big difference in the reports . This is complete mishandling and ignorance from lal path labs . This is putting someone’s life at risk .

Because of all this not only our money and time was wasted .But also we went through so much mental stress , which cannot be compensated .

1 month ago  Samar vijay chaudharyB

Same thing happened with me. I am dialysis patient, they gave wrong report . when i asked for resolution from customer care to my issue of sample collection twice for same test., blood reports given by lal lab and Other lab for same day were different. One from other lab was normal and from lal lsb showed critical. Due to wrong report doctor advised another treatment. They dont know implication of generating wrong report, consequences can be serious . They play with peaple life for money. Very poor service and bad experience, lost faith in lal lab . by me. Moreever customercare is useless
Samar vijay chaudhary
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I think you shoul give these reports to media persons

Fri, 27 Aug 2010  nishi bhatt

I support this complaint.

Wed, 21 Jul 2010  jain

I support this complaint.

Fri, 02 Jul 2010  Message from iComplaints.in Helpdesk

An email communication has been sent to Dr. Lal PathLabs on July 2, 2010, 11:34 am