employee - Would like to lodge a complaint with transport dept. on following points:
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Complaint by: on November 24, 2013, 1:55 pm in Government and Police

Would like to lodge a complaint with transport dept. on following points:
1. Mumbai Traffic police behaving in biased manner.
When a no-parking sign is put your department is quick to tow vehicles parked there. But they only tow some vehicles and for reasons not known to me the rest are never touched. I have witnessed cars and trucks not being towed but motorbikes are towed and that to only some. Even a novice can see which vehicle takes more space. When we bring this to the notice of traffic police he has only one thing to say pay the fine and then go. Why is that so? Further to that no one in your department is willing to share the reasons for this biased behavior. If an area is marked as no parking zone and it is imperative on your part to also show where the parking area is. If that is not done you are failing in your duty.
2. No one at Mumbai Traffic police chowki is not willing to take our complaints:
When at once instance my bike was towed, I asked the question Why only one bike was towed? And Where is the parking space… There was no answer…. This was outside Andheri West Muncipal market. When I went to the chowki and asked for complaint book one Mr. PSI Koli said it was with their head, Sr. Inspector Vijay Dhartak. Why this is so???When I asked to seek an appointment with him was told he will be available on Monday after 10:00 AM. So in this case the Andheri West police chowki did not show any willing ness to note down my complaint.

The above two points are only few that I am bringing to your notice. One can go on and on to list the issues. But to start with somewhere would request someone to take an action to stop these malpractices.
Awaiting your response on the same.

Hope this is read by someone…

Complainant's Goal: Want a corrective action from higher authorities.
Complainant's Target: employee
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraMumbai Suburban

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