iBASEt india Software Pvt Ltd. - Worst Company in Ahmedabad
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Complaint by: ibasetcia on April 22, 2018, 6:14 pm in Software and Games

This is most notorious and unethical company in Ahmadabad. where every employee treated as criminal because of hr and Indian director/vp having same dirty mentality. they created very frustrated and dirty environment for just save their jobs. recently they have created a concocted story that some one wrote threaten letter to them and they have glamoured this matter. they have hired some private detective and taken finger print of all employee at last they didn't get anything in reality there was nothing.
From this issue they have saved their jobs and made bad impression of employees in front of idiot management(in HQ) in fact their management (in HQ)is not management they are bunch of joakers.
I don't know how HQ management had allowed to get higher private detectives and
take a finger print of employees although outcome was nothing. You can imagine how HQ Management are foolish. it was violation of employees Privacy(finger print and their personal information)
Indian government agency should take hard action against this company.

Complainant's Goal: better be unemployed than working Here
Complainant's Target: iBASEt india Software Pvt Ltd.
Complaint Location: IndiaGujaratAhmedabad
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