Vriti Infocom - Vriti Agency-The biggest fraud and useless company in service sector
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Complaint by: Aditya on March 31, 2010, 6:09 pm in Telecommunications

My name is Aditya Pratap Bhuyan, who had purchased the Reliance High Speed Data Card -9343441641. I have purchased the device on the cursed date of 8th December 2009, from disrespected business partner Vriti Agency, Noida. Their sales executive Kavita Rani, had given me the following false information.
1. I would get data speed of 3.1 MBPS
2. No charge for browsing in day time ( I am in 10 gb night plan)
3. I would get a full refund if the services are not up to the mark.

The data usage speed I got was 0-10kbps.(You are welcome to check my data usage speed.)
I was billed for browsing in day time.

I tried calling and mailing Reliance Customer Care and Vriti Agency regarding the issues. I got no response for the mails from either side. While I used to call Vriti Agency they always given false promise to solve it next ten minutes or intentionally disconnecting the call. Finally, Vriti Agency Customer Care Head, Sumit , had spoken to me on 1st January 2010 and told that an Executive from there Bangalore operations will pick my device and replace it with a new one. Nobody visited me for several days. I kept on calling them. In between an executive from reliance visited me .He checked the device and found it to be faulty from technical side.

Anyway, Mr. Danny from Vriti Agency had taken the device on the 6th January 2010 and assured me that, I will be get it replaced in next 2 business days. After that my real pain started. They never called me back. Daily I used to call Vriti, Noida, Vriti Bangalore and Reliance Customer Care. I have burnt my pocket by more than Rs. 2000/- by making calls already. The Vriti people are either disconnecting the call or telling some lies. Statement of their’s will always vary from person to person. Now they are completely denying to give the refund and not giving back the device. Now the cost of the device is Rs5400 = Rs 2000/- (Phone calls made to Vriti Agency) + Rs 3400(Cost of the device).

I have 2 options
1. I will lodge a police complaint, file a consumer suite
2. I will receive a new device with appropriate compensation.

a) New Device

b) 6 Months free usage

I am giving the numbers of the Vriti executives below.

Sumit Vriti - 01204087650

Kavita Vriti- 01204087647

Bhumitra Vriti-01204087651

Bangalore -

Albert Joseph - 9980566266

Prashant - 9379195159

Complainant's Goal: I want a double refund from Vriti Agency
Complainant's Target: Vriti Infocom
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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Recent Comments
Fri, 13 May 2011  Vilva Kumar

I would like to inform you that i had booked your Reliance data Card thru online advertisement i immediately i got a call from Pune Reliance 24/7 i was very happy seeing the response i spoke to Mr Jitender we had a very good talk that day it was really Grate speaking to him. then i gave him appointment to contact me for the product (DATA CARD) on Tuesday, I got a call from OMKAR on Tuesday i gave him appointment to deliver the DATA CARD on Friday before 3PM but the your people from VIRTI INFOCOM did not come in appointment time then again i gave appointment on Saturday after 4PM before 6PM but he came at 6:30PM i had to cancel all my weekend programs and wait for him the person who visited me was Mr Nelson he collected 1600rs from me collected my documents and gave me the data Card and left he was least bothered to give me the bill for the payment i made, then i Called him on his number 9972725237 and asked him when the DATA CARD will get activated he told within 2hours it will get activated, then i waited for whole night my DATA CARD dint get activated then i again called Nelson he gave his supervisor's number Shakthi Vel 8792749269 when i called Shakthi Vel he told me that he will activate in 30min but he did not do it, after that i called Shakthi Vel 8789749269, 89times in 2days Sunday & Monday he did not pick my call , again i called Nelsom he gave me another number 9902803349 his name is Pradeep his number was switched off for the whole day bcoz he was in meeting it seems, i dont know what kind of meeting you people conduct for the whole day, i dont think even your Reliance founder Ambani also will not have meeting for 1 whole day, and again i called Nelson he gave another number of Pradeep 9886821391 when i called this number he picked & disconnected after that he did not answer my call i had called more than 10 times, finally i called Nelson to come to my place and take back the DATA CARD and pay back my money he told that he is delivery Boy and he has no authority to come without permission of his supervisor i agreed he was helpless,

Then i called Reliance customer care on Tuesday & told my DATA CARD number they told me that the number i provided is not sold till date i was shocked i told them i have purchased this DATA CARD on Saturday, i spoke to nearly 5-6 executives all told the same finally a CC Executive told me to visit any of the Reliance outlet and get it activated, If i have go directly they for what the hell you all are for,,,,, i still visited Reliance Showroom in CMH Road Indiranagar Bangalore there an Executive RAJU toldYou can go to Virti Infocom & get it activated i told that customer care people told me to get activated here he tols we cannot do that, then why is the Showroom located ??? just to collect payments.... is it, Finally i visited Virti Infocom by grate difficulty yesterday evening i met Shakthi Vel there and explained him what all happened in these 4 days & told him to refund my money & take back the DATA CARD he told we cannot give the money back but we can activate now i told i have already purchased TATA photon + & iam using it since Sunday so i no more require this Reliance, i was speaking so calm & cool to him but he was not answering to me properly he told that it is your wish if you want money back you have to wait for 7 working days because he needs to get approval from his head office, tell me why was this approval not take from head office to collect money from me, i told no i want it now he told we cannot give it now you do what ever you want, so i told OK fine then ill take care i know how to get back my money and left that place.

So Reliance is having such excellent online partners who do not knows to respect the customers i wounder when i applied for this DATA CARD i use to get min 5 call from Pune & Virti, everyday but once the DATA CARD was sold to me iam behind Virti & Reliance,

Reliance have given me such a bad, Horrible service before the activation i dont know what will happen after the activation, i dont want your DATA CARD service any more, if you can send some one collect back the DATA CARD & refund my money or if you people also tell me what ever you want you do we will not refund like Virti people told then no worries ill take care,

I went thru the Review about Virti Infocom non of the customers are happy with there services i dont understand why have Reliance people still having them as there partners,

Mon, 09 May 2011  Vilva Kumar

Hi Friends, those who all have been cheated by Virti do as iam going to do apply for a new connection in reliance and call the executive to your residence snatch his bag & bike and tell him to call his office people & take the refund till then dont let the guy go nor give his bike..... ul get ur money back at your door step...

Mon, 09 May 2011  Vilva Kumar

Hi Iam Vilva Kumar From Bangalore i had purchased Reliance Data Card from the online partner Virti infocom they told it will activated in two hours & sold the data card to me but till date it is not activated if i call the sales executive Nelson he gave his supervisor Shakthi vel's number Shakthi vel told he will activate in 30min but after that till date he is not answering my call hope he is running Prostitution business using his family members thats y he is not picking my call and when i call up the reliance CC they are telling that they will activate after 72 hours but TATA & Vodafone gives data card pre activated & give 100MB free till our plan gets activated reliance peoples are Cheaters dont ever buy Reliance products u will be cheated very badly...

Sat, 22 Jan 2011  subhash gautam

I support this complaint. Vriti is a fraud agency of Reliance Communications. they always cheat consumers by there fraud advertisements & information. I am also one of the victim of there fraud.

Sat, 22 Jan 2011  subhash gautam

I support this complaint. Vriti is a fraud agency of Reliance Communications. they always cheat consumers by there fraud advertisements & information. I am also one of the victim of there fraud.

Tue, 23 Nov 2010  Sanjay Rana

Hi, i'll paste the a series of mail sent to these fraud people. Fraud Karan Sharma, Fraud Avinash, Fraud Praveen srivastava, Fraud Shekar.

I have given them FRUAD title.
these people.
I have purchased a photon+ and its not activated, and when calling them they simply do not answer the call. i regrett of not listening to my friends,
Dear in need people. do not buy anything from VRITI, as they are real fraud people.
I'm gonna file a complaint against them and gonna drag them to the court of law.

Thu, 07 Oct 2010  Vilas

I am also cheated by this fraud company. They committed me that you will get unlimited internet usage in 450Rs. After activation I come to know that its plan of 799 & that is also not a unlimited. Also they are using abusive language on a calls.

Shame on Vriti & there Fraud executives.

Tue, 13 Apr 2010  Message from iComplaints.in Helpdesk

An email communication has been sent to Vriti Infocom on April 13, 2010, 6:36 pm