Dell - UNWELCOMING BEHAVIORAL MISCONDUCT towards me from your team regarding my inquiry
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Complaint by: Sandip on August 22, 2018, 9:57 pm in Computers and Accessories


Customer Name : SANDIP DUTTA
City : Kolkata ( West Bengal, India )
Mobile No. : (+91) 9874395178 ( Callback Time if needed : 3 - 4 P.M. )
My Laptop Make : DeLL Inspiron14 5455
Service Tag : 403HZ52
Express Service Code : 8713006886
Date of Purchase : 30th June 2017
Technical issue : A Single Row of White Dots appearing halfway on the monitor display screen internally.
Period of Issue : Since few months.

But in my Dell Account in website showed me the following :

Service Start date Warranty expiration date
Keep Your Hard drive Service March 17, 2017 March 17, 2017
NBD ProSupport March 17, 2017 March 17, 2020
Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis March 17, 2017 March 17, 2020

But, the Customer Care people said me that in their CRM, it shows
15th march 2021 or 4th january 2018
which either has to be 30th June 2018 or else extended.
If the Dell authorised retailer shop didnt update the Date-of-Purchase at your website, then its not my fault.
So I want that to be updated likewise.
Now, when I called them ( S. Dey and Sudip Maity ), they are harrassing me saying to come over to their distant venue of :
32, C.R. Avenue, Chandi Chowk Jogajog Bhawan or
80, Bentinct Street Lalbazar, Kolkata.
I talked with my Retail Shop of Dell 'GHG Softech Limited' ( E-Mall First Floor, Shop No. 108/114, 6, C.R. Avenue, Kolkata - 700072, Phone No. - 033-2212-8772, 033-2236-1262, email id - )

Since few months only, I was finding this issue and updated to them. Now, when my date of warranty has been expired, they are telling me, that since I'm out of Warranty, they wont even troubleshoot with me and even I have to pay for getting phone customer support troubleshooting guidelines as well. And moreover, my LCD Screen is absolutely fine and there is no break or leak whatsoever. But there may be an internal Wire issue as I had run the Display test ( Shutting Down the system, turning on alongwith pressing and holding the 'D' key and found the same white dotten horizontal line appearing in the red, blue, white screen ). If its internal issue and the display is faulty, then its NOT my lookout. They are charging me astronomical amount of money ( Rs, 12,593 ) for that LCD, which is behaving erratic on its own and NOT due to any of my fault, because its an internal error. Even if I'm out-of-warranty, still I wouldnt pay the penalty to get it fixed, even if your warranty guidelines may say so. I want a goodwill gesture to get the resolution of replacement free of charge. The supervisors of the call centre team Arvind Kumar, Hemant B., Avinash ( he even didnt give me his last name even after repeatedly asking for ) and Escalations Team's Senior Resolver Anuj Mishra has been extremely rude and blunt with me in the call. Dell, as a brand, has been jeopardised as it cant even treat their customers as gods anymore and unwelcomes rudely with them. I'm appalled with such a gruesome service from such a brand whom I had trusted, in which their products behave erratically within a year or maximum 13 months from their purchase. Such is their quality ! A Shame !
They even forcefully threatened me to close my case, just because they have declined my appeal blatantly. But I dont want my case to be closed like this. Its my democratic right.
I'm going to escalate this issue asap to the Consumer Forum that a faulty system has been provided to me which behaves erratically like this and then your company is trapping me to either pay more for the faultiness of the laptop's internal issue, which is NOT caused due to me.

I want a callback from the Directorial team ( NOT from the Senior Resolver Team ) to address my issue and NOT just sending me an uncourteous cold mail. Its a grave issue, so I need it to be treatedly sensitively likewise.


Complainant's Goal: Replacing my LCD or resolving my Display problem FREE OF COST as its Faulty
Complainant's Target: Dell
Complaint Location: IndiaWest Bengal

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