Avusa Entertainment - Unsatisfactory Service
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Complaint by: PeterW on August 16, 2010, 7:42 pm in Entertainment and Movies

I have sent an email to the pa to the MD of Avusa Entertainment as the feedback I had received from the GM of Nu Metro Cinemas was not adequate,as he had mentioned that he would not only be providing me feedback with regards the lack of sufficient printing of information in the Citizen newspaper,pertaining to 3D movies,but also the shambles regarding customer service directed at various personnel,but this did not occur.I have attempted to discuss these inconsistencies with the MD of Avusa Entertainment but like her GM she was only prepared to focus on the former issue,to the detriment of customer service.Her attitude,while representing the brand,is conducive to conveying unprofessional standards in her devision,which effectively directs the consumer elsewhere.I have forwarded a follow up complaint,highlighting her attitude to the pa to the CEO on the 5th of August as she mentioned telephonically that this correspondence would be forwarded or discussed with the CEO.To date the company has not had the decency to respond to these problems,which constitutes a blatant disregard for myself,the consumer and by extension,a lack of respect leveled at the consumer.This is unfortunate as I have come to expect this from the brand;they clearly have no interest to resolve

Complainant's Goal: The company must provide feedback regarding shoddy service.
Complainant's Target: Avusa Entertainment
Complaint Location: IndiaJohannesburg

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