Namaqua Lodge - Unproffesional service at Namaqua Country Lodge by Jenny Spies
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Complaint by: Jeff Peppe on October 23, 2012, 1:09 pm in Travel and Vacations

Mara Kruger

Unproffesional service at Namaqua Country Lodge by Jenny Spies, i cannot believe we were lead to believe something that was not. everything just went wrong from the time we were trying to make queries and booking until our departure time. it looked deceiving on the Internet, although the service and attitude was completely the opposite.

Jenny is such a rude Afrikaner ****** woman. first she loves money, she didn't even want us to come view the place before we make up our minds. her place is not hygienic at all,she even threatened to call cops on us in the middle of the night to chase away our guests. she was complaining about things that she she from the beginning she had no issues with, that was before she received her money of cause. she locked us in our rooms until late in the morning, ignored our screams and knocks. she made us pay extra for our visitors when we departure, she was screaming and shouting even went as far as chasing us away and telling us that she's glad we leaving. she was switching off the lights in the middle of the evening outside while we were still braaining. this looked bad on me because i was trying to spoil a friend for her birthday and my money worth went on all that? I'm not happy, very disappointed. I'm never going to the Namaqua Country Lodge again.

Complainant's Goal: Unproffesional service
Complainant's Target: Namaqua Lodge
Complaint Location: South AfricaVanrhysnsdorp

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Tue, 27 Nov 2012  Sterna Luyt

Not value for money - The room was not supplied with things like water, coffees and teas, toilet soap. Toilet was not fixed even though we pointed out the problem - we were told just not to flush it during the night. Food not great and waitress uninformed about items on menu.
Sterna Luyt, South Africa

Sun, 25 Nov 2012  Vanrhynsdorp Hotel

URINE WREEKING SHEETS!!! - Vanrhynsdorp Hotel

This past weekend my boyfriend and I were at the Namaqua Lodge in Vanrhynsdorp and much to our dissapointment the room looked filthy like it had not been hoovered on the sides of the bed, when we turned on the taps in the sink it wreeked of sewerage water and they were not running properly. Furthermore that night when we slept THE BEDDING SMELT SO STRONGLY OF URINE! SO DISGUSTING considering we paid close to R500 for a night there. This is so bad and the vending machines do not even work and the staff will just stare at you when you put your money in the machines and not even warn you, could this be because they know how to get the money out of the machine? *** knows but it was such a terrible experience and I really regretted paying so much for such ****** accomodation!!!

Sun, 25 Nov 2012  Vanrhynsdorp

Recently I booked a stay for a few nights and although bedding was clean, the toilet and bathroom was very unkempt and the room had an unpleasant odour which prevented me from having a good nights sleep.

Sun, 25 Nov 2012  Jenny Spies

Two weeks ago i was from Durban and me and my boyfriend where tired so we decided to book at Namaqualodge Country Hotel in Vanrhynsdorp, but we did not notice that those sponges they call mattress was wet, so i complained to my boyfriend but he was too tired to do anything about it, so when we woke up in the morning we found a huge dam of water under the sponges, no they were not damp that was a dam, my concern is when we got there all the beds were made to look like nothing was wrong, what if someone had urinated and they did was pour water on it and put in sheets as if nothing is wrong, i am disgusted by this behaviour and when i spoke to the manager (Jenny Spies) she threatened me by saying that if i do not take my re-fund then i must live it and we can take this to another level, i even took fotos of this room with my fone and i hope i get assistance or i will have to seek help else where.

Sun, 25 Nov 2012  Namaqua Lodge

On Sunday the3rd November,my brother was woken up by the voice of hotel receptionist notifying him that his car was stolen. He had packed his car in the hotel parking lot, locked in what the hotel deems "safe parking". This is in front of the hotel reception.

I strongly believe that companies like Namaqua Lodge are abusing the disclaimer clause of liability. Firstly, this is not the first incident. The hotel management is not doing anything to improve their security. There is no security at the gate, no surveillance at the parking. Management are aware of the problem, and all they can say is "sorry, unfortunately this is what happens in South Africa"

This is a reminder that not all our hospitality service providers do not offer u peace-full sleep as part of what we pay for.

Wed, 31 Oct 2012  John

I found the owner Jenny Spies extremely rude and unfriendly - they need to realize that they are in the hospitality industry. Accommodation very basic for the rates that they charge. They boast that they want to offer a unique experience to their guests - there was nothing unique about this experience. I could not wait to leave!

Wed, 31 Oct 2012  Hendrik

I researched Namaqua Lodge on the Internet and the website indicated a very good choice even though it was a little more expensive than similar Guest Houses in the area. After arriving my wife and I were put into a tiny room that we could hardly move in (a room that does not appear in the adverts or brochure). The towels were smelly and there was no shower only a small bath. There are no tables in the bathroom, simply a washbasin, toilet with a broken seat and a bath. Not to mention that, amongst others, "wooden flooring" was advertised, of which there was nothing in our cramped room.

Wed, 31 Oct 2012  Cathy

Namaqua Country Lodge - Booked through SAFARI NOW

It was certainly NOT the same place as the pictures we saw on the internet!!!

The address was initially specified at no Voortrekker Street, and when we couldn't get in at that address we called "Jenny' and she said she had sent an email to say we were actually now booked in next door at no Van Rhynsdorp Guest House. We arrived to see that our room was above a mechanics workshop. The stench of car fumes was unbearable and we were escorted up a narrow staircase to the tiny room directly above the workshop.

It was clean but very small with 2 very outdated single beds and a small bathroom. It just was not up to the standard of the rooms in the pictures that we had booked! We were in a hurry to set up our stand at the expo, so were forced to leave our bags in the room and as soon as we had finished we then started desperately searching for better accommodation. Which we found close by in a 3 star hotel for the equivalent rates.

We immediately took our bags and left and did not stay at the Namaqua Country Lodge.

Namaqua Country Lodge is definitely NOT a star establishment. Do not book to stay here!

Wed, 31 Oct 2012  Sam

We got married at Namaqua Lodge on 6 October 2012, I have tried on numerous occations via different communication methods (email, phone, sms) to get my refund for the deposit paid to which I get no response. I am extremely disappointed and this amounts to R3500.00 as I am not gettinig back what is mine. I made sure that all monies were paid to the venue on time, the least they could do is show me the same courtesy. Appauling! Jenny Spies does not want to pay my deposit back to me.