Training timing has been changed - Training timing has been changed
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Complaint by: shibu74 on June 26, 2012, 4:49 pm in Indian Railways

16315 bangalore -kochuveli express train time has been chnaging from 1-jul-2012 onwards. It really very bad . Now the people who are travelling has no use at all. it satrting from 2.15 pm from bangalore. travelers ahve to take one day leave for tarvvl;ing and alos it reached mid night in kerala.
ame for the train starting from kocuveli 9.15 pm and reaching banaglore at 12. 15 pm. i ahve a doubt why the time is changed, its really no use for the travllers.only some other people. please reconsider this decision.

Complainant's Goal: Training timing has been changed, needs to change the old time
Complainant's Target: Training timing has been changed
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka

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Thu, 28 Jun 2012  Praveen

This is stupidity...Why is there a sudden need to reschedule the 16315 Bangalore - Kochuveli express when the train is running full packed at its usual time of 17:15 pm?
Now i believe a majority of people won't be able to travel due to the new timing and it's actually a loss to indian railways.
This is nothing but a direct favour the Private Bus service providers. No one other than those people will be benefited by this time change.
At least Kerala government should take this seriously and do something.

Wed, 27 Jun 2012  Binil

A lot of passengers get down at ernakulam and then board the Vanchinad Express which starts at 5:00 am to reach other places. The time change will affect them badly.

The time change has been implemented from 1st july while the advance booking period is 4 months. People who have already planned and made the bookings will have to re-schedule in a short period which increases the burden,

Buses are charging Rs 1000 - Rs 1200 for a seat while a train ticket costs only around Rs300. Now we can imagine how much they will gain by the time change.

Tue, 26 Jun 2012  rahul nath

What to do?.T.R Baalu is acting as the railway minister of south.Munippa is a waiste as of now.SR is only for TN.kerala M.Ps should do at aleast some thing for it.This TN people are thinking that TN is india..and always favour to TN..Kerala should think about more bond with KA