Namaqua Country Lodge - The Lodge will rip us off!!
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Complaint by: Jeff Peppe on October 23, 2012, 1:14 pm in Travel and Vacations

Sam Monareng

In early July my family made a booking at Namaqua Country Lodge in Vanrhysdorp of which a 50% payment of R2800 was paid to the owner Jenny Spies. A week from then I visited the place since some of the family were wondering if it would accommodate the number of couples together with the kids. The owner was unfortunately not present but his daughter took us around the places we booked which were the two rooms she has there.

Two and half weeks after booking the family thought the place would not accommodate all of us so we could may be ask for a certain percentage back or rather get the deposit back since Mr Monareng still has 5 months prior to our arrival which was 30-01 January 2013. Unfortunately Mr Monareng said he could only pay back 35% which he has not paid today 15/08/12, this contradicts with his webpage cancellation policy It was disappointing when I visited the place to note that Mr Monareng's staff reside in the guests 2 rooms and presumably vacate when guests are around. I don't think this agrees with Hospitality regulations and the cancellation policy has to be regulated by Tourism otherwise the Lodge will rip us off!!

Complainant's Goal: The Lodge will rip us off!!
Complainant's Target: Namaqua Country Lodge
Complaint Location: South AfricaVanrhysnsdorp

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Sun, 25 Nov 2012  Pathetic Service

Pathetic Service at the Namaqua Lodge Vanrhynsdorp

Firstly the receptionist was just wearing socks (no shoes). Pathetic. In a client related industry????

Secondly, i specifically asked him if the breakfast was included, and he said YES!!!

This morning he claims he never said any of that sort. This morning he wanted me to pay R40. I don't mind paying, but don't say something is included when its not.

Then, when i got op to my room, there was no towels. I had to go and get receptionist to get me towels. He wanted to do it later. Which he wasn't very eager to do. Then the shower was slippery and smelled like urine.

This is totally unacceptable.

I have sent a email and havent received any feedback as yet.

Sun, 25 Nov 2012  Namaqua Lodge

Shocker @ Namaqua Lodge Vanrhynsdorp

I decided I would stay at Namaqua Lodge for a change when I came down from Namibia for the weekend.

Was greeted friendly upon arrival , and all seemed to be business as usual at Namaqua Lodge, and even got a pretty nice room.

Soon after arriving , around 1am, I noticed that my bathroom light was not working, which was EXTREMELY frustrating, and to add to that... there was VERY little toilet paper which just annoyed me.

Went to bed, and had a good rest as per usual, but when you are woken up at 6am with trucks reversing for deliveries right outside your window, it is a tad annoying. Couldn't have a shower as there was no light, and upon arrival at my family home, for Mother days, once I got into the shower I noticed how COVERED I was in flea or tick bites, and with no exposure to any animals, cats or dogs, I have to assume that the Namaqualodge Country Hotel is to blame.

To confirm this, my girlfriend was also COVERED in bite marks all over her feet and lower legs.

I honestly find this UNACCEPTABLE... sure its STAR rated, but hygiene is a non negotiable matter and this has RUINED my perception of Namaqua Lodge in Vanrhynsdorp!