ibps - The examiner did not allowed for the exam.
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Complaint by: saurabh on December 8, 2015, 8:22 am in Colleges and Universities

Dear Team,
I an IBPS aspirant from last 3 years,had my CWE pre Exam on 6.12.2015.The exam center was Lovely professional university,Jalandhar which was about 250 Km away from my home.The reporting time was 1:pm.I reached LPU on mentioned time.but my roll no. was in block 55 ,which was about 3-4 km from gate of LPU.So by walking and with no past experience it went to 1;40 pm.the exam was going to start at 2 pm.but i was not allowed to give exam by the examiner,and he said have no authority.
Sir,Madam as you know there is lot of hard work behind any exam.same thing happened to me.last i had an opportunity to grab the job ,but was short of marks in merit.so from that date i have continuously done so much hard work for almost 1 year,for this exam only.So by not letting to give exam i am deeply mentally depressed.my family is very upset by this behavior towards student,as this thing have ruined my 1 year and 1 opportunity to get select.
I have given 10 exam of IBPS before this.and in all cases which i have seen the examiner allowed to enter before 10 minutes the exam was going to start,I dont know why this time LPU behaved like this.
So at last i dont want to complain you of any thing,but want to do a humble request that,
Can you guys shift my pre exam on 10 or 11 dec.2015 in some other exam center,so that i can save my 1 year.

Complainant's Goal: Please help me to give my exam on 10 or 11 dec.2015
Complainant's Target: ibps
Complaint Location: IndiaPunjabMukatsar
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