railway - The Emergency chain of the train is pulled like play
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Complaint by: SR on September 16, 2010, 12:45 pm in Indian Railways

Respected Sir,

I the undersigned want to bring to your notice that train number 550 wadi to sholapur passenger which leaves wadi at 6:45 am and is supposed to reach the 50 kms distance of Gulbarga by 7:30 max reaches there around 8:00a.m every day. the reason being the emergency chain is pulled nearly 10 times in this 50 kms distance, by miscreants comprising mainly of filthy students who travel with just this one motive to pull chain and create trouble, not to study. Sir we are working people we got to be at office by 8:00 am inspite of us getting up preparing every thing leaving home at 6:15 to catch this train which leaves at 6:45, still every day we are late to work atleast by half an hour, due to this nonsense, our salaries are cut we cant say any thing since these boys are all downtrodden filthy jun glee's will do any thing may even throw us out of the running train. Its my request to the railways kindly deactivate the chains for this train or appoint somebody like RPF to see this matter. Or if this is left these people will even pull chain just to even urinate or even take this train till their houses. Its my humble request not to give my name out since iam a lady and you know the dangers we face now a days. Hoping you will help me out and lakhs of other working people whose only life line is this train. Railway officials or guards, drivers are themselves not worried about this.Hence i had to write to you
Thanking You
Your's Sincerly,
Flavina Shilpa Robin

Complainant's Goal: I want to go right on time for work
Complainant's Target: railway
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaGulbarga

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