Haryana Roadways - The bus drivers and conductors are doing their own
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Complaint by: on February 11, 2017, 8:17 pm in Public Transportation and Taxi

Requested Authority,
I have a serious problems with the Haryana Roadways buses.The problem is that the bus drivers do their own while stopping at bus stoppage.when i was studying in sirsa in 2011,mostly bus conductors said that they can't stop the bus in dariyapur,because they have no bus stoppage there because long route bus are not allowed to do that ,still the end station was of hisar and their is single route to go through.Due to this many students faced a lot of problems in reaching their home at proper time.Many of students who belong to dariyapur,have to go further by walking or by bycycles upto 5-7 km.many times we have requested the conductor to stop for a minute,but they never allowed us and never stopped the bus at proper bus stop,sometimes they stopped at fatehabad bus stop.it affected our study and late night arriving.


Same problems are arising now in 2017.i am studying now in hisar,and i have to go to dariyapur.All the conductors say same thing that the bus is of long route and this station doesn't come under their route.Our university usually proper off time is 5:00 PM (hisar),sometime due to teachers absence ,the classes get off till 1-2 PM. There are few local buses which run during 5:00 evening or before from hisar.waiting so affect our study routines and for other works.But still the conductors do their own and don't allow dariyapur passenger to sit in. here i m not just talking about my problem,i m including all those passengers with ladies having small children,adult ones,workers,other citizens who travel to and from their home to such cities for any work,are not allowed .if somehow we sit in and tell them when our bus stop is near then the bus driver stop the bus after few long distance.i have seen such cases where the adult ones and small children with ladies ,have to walk a long distance back to their proper bus stop .

Now after constructing of 4 lane National Highway,same problem is persisting.the distance can easily be covered with less time than before ,but still, we are facing this problem.Now after making of Bridges,the bus drivers try to go through them,so that they don't need to stop the bus in between bus stoppage.

So,i request you please look at this problem.
We are humans,We have right to say and request,but u have to decide and take actions what is wrong and what is right.
u r the authority and have power to make a better transport by connecting all cities,small towns and villages to each others,because students,adult ones,workers and other citizens live their too..
so please i request u to look in,because stopping at bus stoppage will not deduct the money from ur income and diesel from buses,maybe time will but 4-lane will solute it soon..

Complainant's Goal: Humans are still Living in small cities
Complainant's Target: Haryana Roadways
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaFatehabad

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