Manoj - Taking more than Ticketed amount in south western railways from Shimoga, KTK
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Complaint by: Manu on September 19, 2011, 6:54 am in Indian Railways

On 19-sep-2011 i went on to travel from shimoga, karnataka to Arasikere, Karnataka which the train leaves at 6:20 AM. The guy in the Ticket house asked me to give Rs 57/- so, i gave him Rs 60/- which he had to return me Rs 3/- but instead he gave me Rs 2/-. I asked him to give me a rupee back instead of saying in calm manner he replied me angrily, by that time another girl took the ticket he returned her the change. Well, this was not i was expecting. This is not for the first time i am experiencing as i have lost more than Rs 100/- in some other Ticket houses (Indian railways).

1/- rupee is not at all big for anyone. I think that guy makes more than Rs 500/- while issuing tickets by saying i don`t have change. My question is why should we pay more and allow him not to return the change. Anna Hazare is working more to remove the corruption from country we have to support him. Central govt is making money without anyones noticing, we people ll become monkeys if we don`t react. I entered this website to file a complaint on him and i will be very pleased if your take necessary actions. I have given my contact details in my profile and ll be waiting for your sincere reply.

Complainant's Goal: To take necessary action on the guy from ticket house, Shimoga
Complainant's Target: Manoj
Complaint Location: IndiaPunjabMoga
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