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Complaint by: Ashish Dhamija on January 29, 2019, 4:39 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Worst experience with a scooter ever.

I purchased a Burgman street on 14th November 2018 from Dwarka Suzuki, Tilak Nagar. Within first ten days of the purchase, I faced my first problem with the scooter. While filling air in the tires, the mechanic(working in a petrol pump) noticed and informed me about marks on the rear tire. When I complained about it to the dealer I was told the tire was designed with such marks(it was not, which led to my consequent visits).
Couple of days later rear tire started making squeaking sound. The store's employees told me it was because of dust particles getting stuck into the rear brake shoe. They assured the sound will dampen and stop in some time. Post that every week I visited the store as the sound kept increasing and kept getting the same reply every time and even left my scooty with them for a couple of hours so that they could inspect the problem but they kept insisting it is because of the dust particle( which is why I believe they did not even inspect the scooter). After a month, I got the scooter serviced, I informed them about the squeaking sound yet again and they told they'll look into it but they did not. I made them write about the squeaking sound in the service slip too, they did and told me the problem was solved. The problem wasn't solved. The sound became intolerable and this time I made them write down an official complaint. Again I left my scooter with them to inspect and solve the issue. The issue was with the break shoe. The employees who serviced the scooter told me about the break shoe and the marks it made on the rear wheel. The problem isn't completely solved. The rear wheel still squeaks occasionally but not loudly. But I think there should not be any squeaking at all.

On 26th jan, while riding I noticed the engine's sound has suddenly changed and is now making weird and loud noises. Along with that rear shocker is not working anymore and the scooter makes a loud thud whenever I cross a pothole or a speed breaker. The scooter is not even 3 months old and is causing so much problem, I can just imagine how much is it going to cost me after an year in maintenance. I did not like the dealer's service at all. Along with the above mentioned problems, they have been rude, ignorant and also did not give the promised accessories with the scooter. Which I had to later collect after complaining. This portal is the last hope as I have understand the dealership is not going to help. I am never going to recommend suzuki to anyone now. I already own two activas and I'm very happy with them. They haven't caused me any problem for 7 years.

Complainant's Goal: To make the dealer aware about the problems I am facing.
Complainant's Target: G. D. MOTORS PVT. LTD
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiWest Delhi
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