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Complaint by: himanijain on October 8, 2018, 1:03 pm in Telecommunications

We got two international SIM cards to travel to Spain for 3 weeks from this company called KonnectWorld (akin Roam1). We used them basis a strong recommendation from someone who had got unlimited data and a phenomenal and hassle-free connection speed from them during their stay in the USA. So we thought that we too had nothing to worry about.
We were wrong.
This is what our experience looked like :
1. We got a UK number with +44 in place of +34 for Spain. There was no such mention of this prior to delivery of the SIM card. Upon being confronted, we were told that they only had +44 numbers for most of Europe that would enable us to use the SIM in all the countries covered. This is what the end result was :
a. Local people in Spain could not use or call on our numbers since it was an international number for them
b. The connection speed was so pathetic that the GPS kept saying “searching for GPS” each time it was intended to be used, thus defeating the very purpose of buying an international SIM card.
2. The issue with the SIM usage started as soon as we landed on foreign land. It was a pain to get through to the local staff, despite carrying all their contact numbers on whatsapp and despite their umpteen promises of a fantastic service offer to us.
3. During our stay in Spain, all kinds of SIM speed and performance issues happened and we kept sending them screenshots of the issues while wasting our time sitting in the hotel just to use the wifi to share information. No particular resolution was offered by the team. In fact, their stand was defensive and they mostly tried to not accept the problem itself, like in the case of most badly managed and low-on-ethics Indian companies. By the second week, one Mr Atul, tried to send nasty and rude messages to us.
4. We were given a limited 12 GB plan this time, unlike the unlimited one being offered for USA. To our horror, the data kept getting washed off despite us being extra careful of the same. Of course, they were trained well to deny any misuse of data for purposes of making an extra buck. There was no way provided to us to check the data being used or left for us to be used. There was no such app. There was no sms check service on demand available. Upon being asked to share those details with us by the company’s backend team, they denied this important piece of information and wrote to us saying that “we will share the data usage stats once you are back in India!” Yes, they did ask us to check the usage information on our mobile phones once but we happen to be belonging to the “not-so-easily-fooled-variety-of-people” so we sent them 12 screenshots from our phone asking them to point at how to use that service. We didn’t hear from them again on this bit.

Well, the only thing that comes to our minds is that we were nicely and sufficiently cheated. So beware! Also make that the two companies, Konnect World with their office in East of Kailash in New Delhi (somewhere dear Iskon Temple) ( and Roam1 , I think in Okhla Phase2 of Delhi ( are in fact the same cheater company.

You will laugh at this – I went to their website to get the social media links to leave my review of their bad product as well as their pathetic and high-handed service up there, only to realize that none of the links actually work! For all the right reasons I guess.

Complainant's Goal: To make Consumers Aware of issues in both the product as well as the service
Complainant's Target: Roam 1 mobile
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaGurgaon
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