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Complaint by: PAKIEZA DAWOOD on August 24, 2015, 5:19 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Hi All

Please see attached copies of numerous correspondents sent.

Please can somebody help me.

I have been writing to AMH and to the Dealer that has repaired my car. I have failed terribly.

I hope this mail finds you in great health. Please note my car was with SsangYong Umhlanga T/A East Coast Motors in Durban the 8th July 2015 due to the fact that my brake pad fell out on the front passenger side of the vehicle. I was driving home from work at 7pm when I heard a sound under may car. I drove all the way (80km’s) only for my husband to realize that my brake fluid had leaked out and my brake pads was missing.

I called Liquid Capital who assisted by getting me a tow truck on site. They uplifted my car and took it to Umhlanga at about 11:am. I called in at 2:20pm to check on my car and was told that it was not seen to yet. I called again at 3:30 and was told that the technician/mechanic was having a look at it. There would be a possibility that I will only get my car back on Tuesday. I then asked for a courtesy car and was told that SsangYong don’t assist customers with courtesy cars.

I don’t believe that it is good customer practice that my car is with your team and I am left without a vehicle.

Please advise me if this is your policy - if it is I will know better than to buy a SsangYong again. I would like to say the car is beautiful. I have enjoyed everything about this car except the service from the dealer. The lack of service from the dealer will lead to me and many other customers not buying SsangYong products.

Please note I was then told that my car was ready on the 20th July 2015. I was asked to come in and fetch my car. Once I got there I was told that I cannot get my car because East Coast was not registered with AMH/AMH did not send them the correct paper work.

I was told that my car will not leave their yard until Regan McCan gets the correct paper work from AMH.

I was at the workshop at 2:30 to fetch my car and waited till 6pm until my car was allowed to leave only if I paid the amount owing to Regan via Warranty. I had to be highly inconvenienced by making more than 10 to 20 calls to AMH and Mahindra and nobody could help me. I explained to Joeleen van der Westhuizen from Mahindra that the dealer does not want to let my car go and she said there is nothing she can do that is between the dealer and me. I met with Regan who refused to let my car go until either his paperwork was correct or if I paid the full amount to them. I called Sonja who I explained my position I told her that I will pay the warranty amount and she apologized for the inconvenience and agreed that all the paperwork gliches etc will be sorted in a day or two and that the dealership will get the correct paper work so that I can get paid. I was totally out of pocket as I had to use two cards to pay the full retail price instead of the warranty price. I was told by Regan and his team that they will not accept the shortfall. After discussions with Sonja who agreed to pay the full amount to them so that I can get reimbursed, I paid the amount.

The above was on the 20th July 2015 it is now the 24 August 2015 and I have not had any feedback from anyone in regards to my full amount being returned to me.

I hate the fact that a customer is being so inconvenienced. I am at a stage where I don’t know whether I should take this up legally or give Mahindra one more chance.

Complainant's Goal: bad service
Complaint Location: South AfricaDURBAN
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