Scott Veerkamp - Scott Veerkamp: Franklin Township Bus Fees
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Complaint by: jmb27 on November 3, 2011, 3:07 am in Education and Schools

Scott Veerkamp is the President of the Franklin Township School Board. In addition, Scott is a member of the CIESC Advisory Council. Clearly, this is a huge "conflict of interest" for three specific reasons...

1. CIESC is collecting fees on (school buses) already paid for with Franklin Township tax dollars. In other words, parents are being DOUBLE TAXED for their children's transportation to school.

2. As many people know, Scott Veerkamp OWES MONEY in back taxes.

3. Given this information, why are the residents of Franklin Township being DOUBLE TAXED by a School Board President that refuses to pay his own taxes?

Important video to review:

Scott Veerkamp: Unpaid taxes..

Conflict of interest:

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Complainant's Goal: Stop charging bus fees
Complainant's Target: Scott Veerkamp
Complaint Location: United StatesIndianapolis

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