- Scam in the name of vacations
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Complaint by: Rahul Kumar on February 6, 2018, 5:29 pm in Travel and Vacations

I received a phone call from Electromart (online company having tie up Trueshopper) on 14th Dec 2017. The caller informed me that I have been selected for a special programme called THE ELECTROMART PROGRAMME 8500 for free vacation & shopping. The caller gave some vague details about this programme as following: 1) 2 free vacations 2) Cashback of Rs 2000 per holiday 3) 2 health checkup vouchers 4) A discount card which I can use for shopping and dining at selected stores and receive discount. No other details were shared to me at that time (about hidden costs or booking at least 30 days in advance).I asked the caller to send me all the details on e-mail so that I know everything but the caller said that it’s a special offer and details cannot be sent on e-mail. He claimed and assured me that it’s a really good programme and once I pay for the programme I will receive a booklet regarding all the details. Upon his insistence, I paid for the programme amounting to Rs 8500/-. After 2-3 hours I received an e-mail from Electromart confirming my enrolment and sharing some details about this programme. When I read the e-mail, I was shocked to see the hidden details which the caller conveniently failed to inform me on phone call like: 1) There is a booking charge of Rs 798- per vacation (no such information was shared to me on phone) 2) Rs 2000 fooding reimbursement (I was simply told of Rs 2000 cashback per holiday. Now I have to spend money on food to get this money) 3) I have to book at least 30 days in advance (no such information was shared to me on phone) 4) Discount card will be valid at certain locations only (For me living in Haridwar, I can use this card only at 2 locations which I already can with my credit cards).
I felt cheated so I wrote an e-mail to Electromart to cancel my enrolment and refund my money. I received a phone call that it cannot be done. When I said that each company provides a minimum of 15 days for refund request but they denied. Since then I talked to them on phone 4-5 times but each time they deny me even though I explain to them that this programme is quite useless for me. Moreover they talk on phone only and do not respond on e-mail which I sent 5-6 times. I told them to revert me on e-mail that they cannot refund me but my this request is also denied. When I try to contact Trueshopper (Electromart is giving this programme through Trueshopper) on phone, the phone does not ring. When I try to contact Trueshopper on e-mail, my e-mail comes back saying that this e-mail does not exist.
I just don’t know what to do so I am writing to you. Kindly help me as I am feeling quite helpless.

Complainant's Goal: Refund my entire money
Complainant's Target:
Complaint Location: IndiaUttarakhandHaridwar
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Sun, 25 Feb 2018  Sathish Kumar

I received a call this morning from " - Scam in the name of vacations". They informed the same thing as above but the person called in the name of 'master card and Visa service' department and stated I was been nominated based on my card usage. Later transferred to a relationship manager who also was mentioning themselves 'MasterCard and Visa profile' department and kept on repeating about the offers they provide and how to get OTP and punch in the number on IVR for my credit card company. Later he informed about the call from courier department person and being Visa - master card dept. , they didn't how Customer service person would talk in a Visa/mastercard based company. Courier person called and he doesn't know where to send the b welcome kit Phys he was concentrating on making me get the OTP and punch in on the IVR repeatedly.. I told him i have to think about this but he doesn't let me go. Atlast i got the truth from him that it electromart who b calling to sell their Combo 8 package and they have no relationship with master/Visa group and I told him I am not interested about their offer.