Shobhit Sharma - Samsung company is useles... And m not Satisfied with their product and service
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Complaint by: Shobhit Sharma on July 28, 2014, 1:20 pm in Consumer Electronics

I brought new Samsung refrigerator in the year 2012. But since the very first day this refrigerator is not working properly and we are having trouble with cooling . When I complained about the cooling problem of the refrigerator, a engineer visited to check the Problem. He said that you must buy a voltage stabilizer and your refrigerator will work properly. Hence I bought a stabilizer worth Rs 5000. But even after bringing a new stabilizer it was not working properly . Hence I again complained to the service center about the same problem that still existed. On the another visit the engineer told that the PCB of the refrigerator is not working properly. So I told him that if there is any problem in PCB kindly change it. But even after changing PCB, the cooling problem still existed. This time again I called the service center, and they told that this time a senior engineer will visit your place. The next day senior engineer visited and told that it is having problem of DEFROSTING. IF They know that the refrigerator is having problem of DEFROSTING, then why they are unable to repair it. What kind of engineers theY are who know the Problem but don't know how to solve it.
And it is their problem not our. If they can't repair it then please get us a new refrigerator or Refund our amount. And now when we try to contact them, they ignore our problem saying your refrigerator is OK from our side. Even I have complained many times, but they are not responding and not cooperating at all.
Today's time is very forward. As when products such as car are defected, the company calls all them back for their reputation so why can't this Samsung company.
I want Samsung to replace my refrigerator or repair it as soon as possible. If they can't do so, I want them to refund my refrigerator amount and take their fridge back. I have now stopped buying Samsung products. Not at all supporting.
Kindly help out.
From Shobhit Sharma

Complainant's Goal: I want them to either replace my refrigerator or refund my money. Fed up 4m them
Complainant's Target: Shobhit Sharma
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaPalwal

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