South Western Railway - rude behaviour odlf ticket issueing official
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Complaint by: hri_318 on January 18, 2016, 10:46 pm in Government and Police

On the night of 18 January 2016,I went to old ticket counter which has only two counters to serve in Krishna rajapura station of Bangalore,it was10.10 pm
22.10 hra ,I gave rs.500 and asks for ticket to Chennai central ,it was urgent for me as I had to board connecting train till katpadi @ 22.30hrs the official denied me ticket asking me to bring change for rs 500
I offered to pay 30 which I have and asked him to give 400 change with ticket which he denied again,to my diamay the official isssud ma3 to 4 passengers ticket and gave rs 100 change when I questioned he replied rudely denying ticket for me,though I remains him he is apublic servent and sitting in commercial section have to behave responsible and told him I can complain to higher officials till DRM he shouted at me to complain to GM Also he is not bothered and Sai his Nam as Mr.sasikanth,I am just felt aghast by the way he bahaved with me,though I dint take it seriously the person in the counter need a censure and need to change his attitutude he could. Be polite rather.

Complainant's Goal: warning from higher officials to mend behaviour of ticket issuing officer
Complainant's Target: South Western Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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I am traveling by Rajya Rani Exp 16558. PNR No 4550601314. Railway staff by name Ravi, in SWR uniform is overcharging for tea, ₹10/- instead of ₹7/-.


I am traveling by Rajya Rani Exp 16558. PNR No 4550601314. Railway staff by name Ravi, in SWR uniform is overcharging for tea, ₹10/- instead of ₹7/-.


I am traveling to Mysore with PNR No :4550601314. A railway employee in SWR jacket selling Rail Neer is charging ₹20/- instead of ₹15/-, and misbehaves with passengers when pointed out, at Platform 5 Bangalore City Station, in coach D1. Refused to give his name. I am a retired army officer and would like this wrong practice to be stopped.

Thu, 07 Sep 2017  N Satish

SWR apathetic consideration to perennial problem.
I am frequent traveler to and fro from chennai to mysore and from mysore to bangalore always on reserved tkt in Sleeper class. Local commuters who may be pass holders or simple general tkt paying Rs 55 or 70 instead RS 140 by reserved passengers always sits in reserved coaches making uneasy for reserved passengers like occupying reserved upper berths or to adjust in sitting 4 to 5 persons, insisting side berth people to put berth so that three can sit denying reserved people back resting. this has become a regular affair as they very well know that no TTE will come from mysore to bangalore. Even ladies refuse to vacate saying that it is unreserved between b'lore and mysore.
One such incident is my travel from mysore to B'lore on 5th Sep 2017 by Hampi express My berth is S6 55. My tkt PNR No being 4755676031. In our coach there were about 40 students from cuddapah . one lady and a gent occupied forcibly the seat 45 and 47 which are supposed to be of college students. It started off with words and the quarrel esclating. before it reaches srirangapatna , the it became regional issue like kannada vs teleguwith some more locals unreserved joining with myself coming to rescue of reserved passengers as I am regular victim. Finally students pulled the chain. TTE from A/c compartment came pacified but still allowed that lady and gent to travel.

My question is why he has not asked the lady and to move away from that seat. Or he is afraid of local people in particular Mandya
Why there is no RPF patrol giving free hand to locals and law breakers of IR rules
Why SWR is not ensuring safe and comfort journey to reserved passengers like me.
Why SWR make arrangement to have flying squads to collect reservation charges instead of making IR to introduce dynamic fare s in shatabdi to cover up your inefficiencies.
For your information shatabdi started late on 04/09/17 from mysore and reached chennai 30 minutes late thanks to good cooperation by SWR and SR in maintaining the delay.
My daughter was a paasenger PNR no. 4235517016.
Pl tale necessary to avoid these ugly situations. If anything happens to me next time, it may snowball to regional issues which i am ready to face in court of law if i am man handled by local unreserved passengers with SWR reference

Wed, 23 Mar 2016  RAMNATH

Dear manager SWR, I am a daily commuter from mysore to Bangalore. the problem with me is the timing followed by express. for example malgudi express which will start at 8;20 am earlier it was 8;15 which few minutes later. I request you to make 8;00 am so that office going people will be helped to reach office time or run the train at exact schedule. again I ask you instead to keeping many trains which always delayed keep few trains which runs exact, so that quality of indian railways improved. Hope you consider my request and convey to the concerned authority to intiate the above request. Thank you