kartanaka rtc ticket checking officers - rtc ticket checking inspectors were illegally taking money
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Complaint by: bhanu prakash on May 25, 2017, 8:49 pm in Public Transportation and Taxi

subect;:corrupt ticket checking officers

I got into the public transport bus at Hebbala .conductor of the bus didn't see me and called him to give ticket but he went to the front end of the bus and didn't come back.So i went to the door at side of the bus and was waiting for the conductor to come back and give me ticket.And before the next stop ticket checking officers came and they started checking the tickets. was at the door when they came into the bus.I had 10 rupees note in my hand.I told them that i am waiting for the conductor to come back so that i can get a ticket.The saw me with 10 rupees in my hand but as he wants money he didn't listen.They took me with them made me sit in a car and took me to a remote place and started demanding me money.They threatened me with life and they told me that they will put me in jail.they told me that i should give them 2000 rupees.I told them i have only 500.They took the amount and didn't even give me the reciept.This happened on the date 25-05-2017.You check the conductor who is booked in hebbala to silk board root on that day an can the officers details.If you are unable to take the action i will obliged to got to the collector or mayor of the city.I hope you will take care of such corrupt people who are doing a great disservice to the people.

Complainant's Goal: attempt to kidnap and robbery of money by ticket officers:bring to notice
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore
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