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Complaint by: on March 3, 2013, 9:11 pm in Mobile and Cell Phones

Dear concern,

Instead of my repetitive approach to Nokia for replacement of my handset Nokia Lumia 800, IMEI: 359289042337523, I'm not getting any response from your side.
It is really surprising service from a brand like Nokia, that ever after 4-5 time of repairing of the same handset within 10 months (warranty period) after purchase, the company does not see enough reason for replacement!
I reiterate the repair history:
1. Mobile volume control was not working & several problem regarding software (From the first day I purchased) : Nokia care refreshed the software.
2. Headphone was not working: Replaced by Nokia care
3. Camera was not working, software prob. etc.: Mobile hardware repaired (almost 15 days)
4. And finally, mobile was not switching on: Submitted against Job sheet no. 786504886/13022/16 at Nokia care on 22-02-2013.
I have been through this mental agony from the day I purchased the handset. I have lost all my valuable data, and tired of calling the customer care and getting the same reply that we’re forwarding it to our backend team.
I don't want to take back my old defective handset, which I have to definitely submit after 1-2 months for another defect, and this time you will have valid reason for not to replace, as it will be out to warranty.
I request to not to harass/cheat common people like us, who used to buy products from branded company like Nokia and ultimately fade up with your product and service.

Thanks & Regards,
Sudipta Sanfui

Complainant's Goal: Replacement of handset Nokia Lumia 800, IMEI: 359289042337523
Complainant's Target: Nokia mobiles
Complaint Location: IndiaOrissa

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Mon, 04 Mar 2013 - Business Reply from - Nokia India (Nokia mobiles)


Sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us on and provide us with the following details

1. Contact Number
2. Your Location
3. Device IMEI number.

We will have someone from the team connect with you. Please mention your name on subject and add your contact in the email.

Do include the complaint link in order to speed up the process.

Team Nokia India.

Locating a Nokia Care Centre (NCC) is very Easy !
SMS “NCC” & send it to 55555, within few seconds you will receive the list of NCCs in that city.