bharati axa general insurance company ltd - refusal of insurance claim by bharati axa of car i 20 no AP11AK5075
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Complaint by: rajendra on July 28, 2012, 4:35 pm in Insurance All

To Date: 28th July 2012
The costumer service
Grievance cell
Bharati Axa GIC ltd

Sub: Refusal of claim num C0233768 Policy Num I 01756019 of our vehicle num AP11Ak 5075 from your letter Dated 26th July 2012
Dear Sir
1 . I insured my car with your insurance company in Dec 2011 without knowing that you are working through a broker agency I.e. Land mark.
2. I claim on 28th May 2012 and your workshop rep came to pick the car for repair. After sending the car from home I could not received any reply.
3. On 7th June 2012 I approach to your office at (Gokul complex) punga gutta hyd. then official told me that you claim NCB. When I call the person who was visited my house for insurance and proven that he was not inform me regarding NCB. He told that he himself not known regarding NCB.
4. Then DGM Mr Choubey send me in land mark office with their rep for clarification and further action. I met their DGM Birenjit Das and Express all matter.
5. the DGM land mark ask me to give One week time for settlement and repair the car but not do so.
6. I requested your insurance company and land mark to returned my car and when issue will resolve then he again pick the car for repair but they refused to give back.
7. I got no any response till 12 July 2012 after so many calls made by me to DGM land mark and GM Sandeep menon. i could not got any positive response. I expense about Rs 500/- on phone calls. I am Ex Captain of Indian Army and working as GM operations in firm, I hired a car in Rs. 20,000.00 Per month for office convenience due to refusal to give back my car .
9. On 12 July 2012 the DGM Land mark called me in their office at 5:00 PM. And told me that if you want your car back then give me in writing that I am taking my claim withdraw. I do so and take back my car on 16th july 2012 duration of 50 days the car was with you and no one can inform us regarding progress of the case nor anything.
10. the matter was take up in front of DGM Mr choubey but they did not replied a gentlemen manner why they keep vehicle 50 days with him.
11. if insurance company is saying that after inspection of vehicle on 30th May 2012 they know regarding NCB why not issued a letter me for this regard at once. They issued letter on 27th July 2012 after making so many request by me
12. Due to ideal keeping the vehicle in workshop the vehicle battery also got defective because this should be required charging time to time.
13. the Land Mark is the ready to pay the NCB amount and cheque in this regard they handover to your insurance rep. the same will be in knowledge of DGM Mr. choubey and claim Manager Mr. Reddy.
14. If the fault was not your side then why they are paying the NCB amount. The Land mark People handover Rs 3500 to me for repair the car but estimate cost of repair is Rs 15,112.00 by shekhpet Hyundai dealer. How it is possible the DGM Insurance Company said that we got the cheque of NCB you go and repair first car and inspect the same by our rep then we review your policy further.
15. As insurance is done in the bharati Axa, why insurance company rotating me in between land mark and Bharati Axa. It is the sole responsibility of bharati axa to resolve the issue but they are harassing me and blaming me.
16. I write this letter to you for info and necessary action. In view of the above fact I am proceeding further in consumer court on 30th July 2012

Thanking you RAJENDRA PRASAD UPADHYAYA (********21)

Complainant's Goal: repair of car within claim
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabad
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