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Complaint by: lajska on January 24, 2014, 4:37 pm in Building and Construction

I am seeking refund from a Venkatadri Palm Groves, who misrepresented information by
- Presenting a text of agreement which he changed later, due to which I cannot sign
- Agreeing to a plan of the apartment which he did not get approval from authorities
I have proof of above communicated in email attachments based on which I made the payment of 15 lakhs. Also there is ample proof that we have tried to get the refund through amicable means by giving ample time. I will now be issuing a notice to him intimating consumer court action.

Where I am requesting help is to know the consumer court process
1. Does an amount of 15 lakh allow for faster process or priority or matter being handled at a better level (I know that there are levels like city, state etc.)
2. Once I give the written complaint to consumer court personally, will they give an acknowledgement immediately to me?
3. What is the maximum they will take to send the notice to the Builder?
4. What is the maximum or fixed time they ask the builder to refund me?
Basically I would like to know all timelines by which consumer court takes the stipulated steps.
5. What interest does consumer court currently prescribe in case it orders the builder to refund me?
If there is a standard document regarding this procedure, forwarding the same from your side will also greatly help.

Complainant's Goal: help from others
Complainant's Target: Venkatadri Palm Groves
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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Wed, 12 Mar 2014  ranganadh

Can u please tell ur name and flat nos. so that we can help to refund ur amount, did anybody from that office denied to give refund.. please tell us the contact person of that company with whom you contact while booking

Sun, 26 Jan 2014  jayanthi


I am thinking of buying an apartment from the same builder and see your comment really against them. Can you please explain what they promised and didnt provide. I am really particular about OC,CCand do you think they would even provide the same...