Haier Appliances India - Refrigerator caught fire
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Complaint by: sunny on December 20, 2015, 5:55 pm in Consumer Electronics

We bought an Haier brand 1905CM fridge on 26/09/2013.It caught fire on 22nd Nov 2015.The fire seems to be originated from the short circuit in electrical components.As the refrigerator is made up of inflammable objects-cheap plastic(A major design flaw),it easily got fire.The fire was initially uncontrollable but got in control by pumping water continuously for 15-20 minutes.The fire ruined the refrigerator completely as well as edible items inside it.In addition to that the entire kitchen is dark due to smoke.Some of the kitchen utensils,cupboards also got melted.

Fortunately spreading of fire to the lpg cylider is prevented as we got fire in control before that.

Even though we informed the brand/dealer about this.They didn't care.

But normally people used to keep the fridge on even when they are outside home.Hence there is a great chance of a disaster associated with this model of fridge.Hence proper enquiry should be carried out and if required this particular model/brand should be banned from India.

The entire kitchen is ruined.We painted our house very recently.Due to the smoke from the fire,it looks very dark now.In addition to that lots of utensils,kitchen cupboards also melted.Some of the electric lines and sockets,plugs were also melted.

The entire amount of the fridge should be refunded as it serves no purpose now.
We want our kitchen in the previous condition as well as the other utensils which got melted.
Proper information should be disseminated to the public about this brand refrigerator as a warning.As it is very dangerous to keep this inside kitchen where lpg cyliders are there.

Complainant's Goal: The entire amount of the fridge should be refunded as it serves no purpose now.
Complainant's Target: Haier Appliances India
Complaint Location: IndiaKeralaThrissur

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