Kerala express - Poor services of Indian Railways
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Complaint by: KC Antony on May 14, 2012, 9:59 am in Indian Railways

Recently i.e. on 7th May, 12 I have traveled by Kerala Express (Train No. 12625) in III AC – Coach B-5.
Passenger amenities provided in the coach were very very poor. Some of the irregularities observed are as under:
- Almost all the seats of the compartment were torn
- The bed rolls provided were of very dirty and torn, it was just like used one and not even in folded condition
- There was no curtain in between the berth
- The wash basin was leaking as a result spreading of water in and around door and entrance of the compartment
- The toilet was not all clean
- There was no attendant
- There was no use of perfume in the compartment
- There was no use of spray for insects
- Non availability of water in wash basin and toilet
- The waste box was full but not emptied
- The AC Compartment was just like Sleeper Class except that AC was working and that too very cold

At the same time I traveled by Bhopal – Howrah Express (Train No. 13026) on 9th May, 12 in III AC – Coach B-1

I really appreciate that the compartment was very neat and clean and all the passenger amenities were there and nothing there to complaint.

I take the opportunity to request the competent railway authorities to please look into it and see that passenger amenities are provided in AC Compartment as per guidelines stipulated for.

With kind regards...KC Antony

Complainant's Goal: To inform the competent authority
Complainant's Target: Kerala express
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshSonbhadra
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1 month ago  Nandakumar kg

Multi pin socket not available in all coaches. Its a good one for all coches. I a an electrician.

Tue, 26 Jul 2022  Showkath

No blankets will issue