Railway ministry - Platform ticket vending machine not available at Yeshwantpur
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Complaint by: Uday on March 3, 2011, 8:15 am in Others

Dear Sir,

The platform ticket vending machine that was available was a real help for people who went to receive their loved ones. But nowadays this machine has been removed and people has to stand in long queues along with the regular ticket seekers. Since those who take platform ticket are the ones who come to send off or receive their near ones the long queues and unresponsive and bad staff at the ticket counter (platform 6 side) is not helping. it's going to increase tempers and sometimes heated exchange of words take place. So either the ticket vending machine be reintroduced or the platform ticket be abolished for YPR station. We will not pay any more money and will protest if this machine is not reintroduced. We cannot take any more pain, insults etc from the staff or the railway. Hope officials in the railways will have some commonsense and will introduce the machine at the earliest. All the responsiblity is on the railways to ensure the people are not harassed because of non availablity of platform ticket vending machine.

Complainant's Goal: To educate the railway officials and minister about the ground realities.
Complainant's Target: Railway ministry
Complaint Location: IndiaYeshwantpur

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Sat, 11 Feb 2012  Priyankur

Thanks for bringing this point up. Has this been resolved yet? I am supposed to see off my brother tomorrow and I felt to search for vending machine at yesvantpur station in order to minimize hassle. Last time I took the platform ticket after queing up for 1 hr with passengers. I (read we) do not want to eat rail's profit by not taking platform ticket but want hassle free system and little convenience.

Hope to see many vending m/c soon.

Thanks in anticipation.