MyyShopp eCommerce Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Perpetual delay in delivering my website
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Complaint by: Anagha Samant on September 22, 2018, 7:32 pm in Hosting and Web Design

I had paid 15000/- to through NEFT on the 21 Mar 17 for setting up an e-commerce website. I was yet to finalise my domain & wasn't even ready yet to go ahead with the website. I was persistently persuaded by multiple phone-calls from the myyshopp sales team through weeks together to go ahead with it and was assured full hand in glove support. I decided to go ahead and sign-up for their services. I confirmed to them that though I am paying the monies, the actual work might take a while as I manage my Organic store alone and do have enough bandwidth to dedicate to the website. Post the payment cleared into their account, I received 1 mail asking for details and that was it. Months of silence followed. No pro-active follow-ups like the ones I was regularly receiving by the persistent sales team that was eager to close the deal.
In Jan 2018, I assigned the task of sending out the data to get work started as the money was parked with them for 10 months. For some reasons, it didn't work out. Since Mar-18, I, personally started sending the data to After going through back n forth with them for a couple of months and getting nowhere I asked for a full refund which I was bluntly denied saying it against our policies. Myyshopp.comm has shown complete lack of commitment n total incompetency in getting things rolling. I was told the site is live. I never authorised it to go live & was never informed about it. I was never even shown a test site. With no option, I said ok, lets go ahead. But nothing changed. All deadlines compromised, every single time. I was given answers like our servers are down for 10 days, we had another client who had to be served on priority so we haven’t done anything on your website, I was on leave, etc. Finally I rcvd a mail confirming all the data was uploaded. No images were uploaded for more than 70% of the data. When asked, i was told, they have to buy images. I was hearing this for the 1st time. I was always told, we have most of the images. When asked about the errors in the categorising of the data, I was asked to send corrections for 600plus entries. I asked them to start from scratch. On one of the calls, the VP, Mr. Shetty, said that it takes not more than 8 days to get a site up and running. I was assured by Ms Neha on Friday, 17th Aug that the site will be up by Wednesday, the 22nd Aug. I sent them fresh data categorised on Sun night. On Mon afternoon, I rcvd a mail with old data asking to re-work & send it back. I kept telling them to use fresh data as we have even discontinued some of the products that was sent months ago. The next evening, I was told, the site can be ready only by 20th Sept. I fail to understand this timeline. The sales team at MyyShopp had convinced me about their professional approach. They have repeatedly failed to deliver on their timelines. I earnestly request you to help me get a refund please. Its the 22nd of September today and the data, the images is still not uploaded.
I request you sincerely to look into my complaint and help me get my 15000 back which have been with them for a good 1 year and 7 months now.

Complainant's Goal: To get a refund of 15000 paid to Myyshopp Technologies.
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtra
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