Karvy Stock Broking Ltd - our DD not delivered from 3 months due to wrong address given by KARVY employess
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Complaint by: madhuri on September 6, 2010, 12:31 pm in Insurance All


It is high time to complain about the flaw in delivering our dividend draft which is pending from 3 months.

Name: Parvathy Kalyani
Account Number: 52015235170
Place: Kakinada - AP

Our door number is
Nagamalli thota,Pithapuram road

It is being noted as *70-10-5* by your employees and is been rejected by the postal department as invalid address. we have gone to your office and made a correction of the address more than 10 times till now .everytime we go they make a note of correct address and assure us that it will reach in 1 week but our demand draft will never be delivered to us. this is happeneing for 3 months

today we got a notice letter repeating the same story ."address was wrong" . what does this mean. or is this the plan of organization to rob the consumers money by noting wrong address. why should we suffer when employees are visually impaired

it is negligence and blunder. it is up to them whether they dismiss the employee who has done this blunder . we need our DD to be delivered immediately.

Complainant's Goal: i want my DD
Complainant's Target: Karvy Stock Broking Ltd
Complaint Location: IndiaKAKINADA
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