Delhi Jal Board - No water supply to the residents of C-15 to 21, Shiv Park, Khanpur, NewDelhi-62
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Complaint by: Ashwani Kumarm on October 10, 2012, 2:48 pm in Government and Police

Dear Sirs/ Madam,
We, the residents of C Block, Shiv Park, Khanpur, New Delhi-110062 (House No. C-15 to 21) are facing great difficulties due no water supply for the last 21 days. As a matter of fact, two well functional water pumps are installed in this area; one at the starting of A Block (near the Krishna Mother Dairy Booth) and another one at the end of C Block of Shiv Park. Despite of being two well functional water pumps, we are not getting any single drop of water for the twenty one days which has disturbed our day to day life to a great extent.

It is very relevant to mention here that we are the genuine customer of the Delhi Jal Board and have been regularly paying all due in time. It does not seem to be justified that a few persons utilize the benefit of public amenities as per their convenient, who have taken the connection from adjacent to these water pumps and possessing the key of both the pumps, operating them as per their convenience. On the other hand, the genuine consumers, who are regularly paying all the dues in time to Delhi Jal Board, are being deprived off from their legitimate and fundamental rights and are made run from pillar to post for the sake of water. Presently, we are compelled to purchase water bottles from open market for our day to day use.

Keeping in view the above situation, we shall be grateful to you if an appropriate action on is taken on priority so that water may reach to our houses also.

It is also informed that number of SMS and telephonic complaints have been registered to the Delhi Jal Board but the concenred Junior Engineer has not taken any action so far. he is not replying to the any SMSs which we have sent. Further he does not pickup the official phone at any time in day.

Hoping for urgent and favoulrable action in the matter please.

Yours sincerely
Residents of C-15 to C-21, Shiv Park, Khanpur, New Delhi-110062

Complainant's Goal: Water should reach to the houses of residents.
Complainant's Target: Delhi Jal Board
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiSouth Delhi
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