Huda Water department - No Water Supply | Mannerless JE Mr.Vinod
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Complaint by: Amanjot Kaur on May 14, 2018, 11:16 pm in Others

I want to file a complaint against the following two issues:
1. There is no/very less water supply in sector 22B from 4 days and I am constantly complaining about this to the water department but there is no resolution/response from there side.

2. When I called Vinod, JE of water department of sector 22 B, then that guy doesn't have manners. He doesn't know how to talk to the public. We were facing the water issue from two days and there was no drop of water available in our house because the water was not supplied from more than a day, I called him to request him to resolve the issue since we're facing the water issue from 3 days. He talked to me very rudely. He said I can't do anything. You'll have to live without water. What kind of JE he is if he cant listen to our problems or do something for the resolution.
I was calling him because the whole sector was suffering from this issue. What is the point of paying all the water bills if we can not get at least the required amount of water?
It's my request humble request to this complaint forum that someone please teach Mr. Vinod some manners.

Complainant's Goal: To resolve the water problem in sector 22B
Complainant's Target: Huda Water department
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaGurgaon
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