Da Vision Loyalty Solutions Pvt.Ltd - Misleading Cheating Fraud in the name of LIC By Da Vision Noida UP thru agent
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Complaint by: P on January 11, 2013, 11:23 pm in Insurance All

Agent Ravinder Mishra Mob: ********36

This company's above agent duped & cheated my aged parents of Rs. 24000/- in my absence.
The agents this company has in field collect old data of LIC's customers unauthorized and then approach them informing of Bonus declared, and that they could get the BONUS checks for the customers if they give some money to them

In my specific case this person Ravinder Mishra, whose visiting card I have, did the same. and my aged mother who is not very literate, gave him two checks for 12000/- each because she was told that a BONUS of 60000 has been issued in my parents name on their very old stagnant policy. My father who is totally immobile and has been in wheel chair for last 3 years is 90+ and mother is 80+.

After my return she told me about it all and also that after the checks were encashed, she received a call from same agent that their club cards are getting ready and will be there soon. She was shocked and told me all. I immediately called this company on the number given on their website, some girl answered and promised to look into the matter. Nothing happned for 2 days. Then I wrote an email stating all the facts and asking for immediate cancellation of anything they plan to send. No Response. Sent them 2nd reminder. NO REPSONSE.

Then called the agent and rather misbehaved with me and asked me to question my aged parents as to why they did it. Then he stopped picking the phone. So I sent an SMS, to which another man replied. His name is Tarun Kaushik and he claimed to be a senior officer of the company. Nothing happened yet and the company is silent and defruaded my aged parents of their hard earned money at this juncture of their life.

Is their any authority who can handle these kind of companies and get out money back.

Sequence of Event:

November 2012: Many initial calls during November 2012,
23 November 2012, someone named Ravindra Mishra visits my parents in our house when I was away from Delhi.
He pretends to be authorized from LIC to release BONUS and thus asks for 2 checks of 12000 each in the name of "Da Vision Loyalty Solutions Pvt.Ltd" the same day. He fills up an application and hands over the bottom part to my mother who is not very literate.
27 Nov, 2012; She receives a call from this company to tell that their club cards are getting ready and shall reach us soon. My mother is shocked.
29 November, 2012, Upon my return on 29th she tells me everything and shows me the receipt which was from this company. I immediately call this company using their website and also sent them and email with copies of checks, their receipt and agent's visiting card. I also sent the same set of documents and written application via SPEED POST on 30th Novemeber but NO RESPONSE for many days
During December after many futile attempts to contact or get any response from the company,
on 17th Dec, 2012, I sent SMS, to which another person called Tarun Kaushik replied on 18th and pretended to be very angry with his staff and assured me to take care of the matter in 2 weeks. He asked me to forward the same mail on his email which was Tarun.Kaushik@davision.in

Can anybody take these kind of agents/companies to task?

Victim's Daughter

Complainant's Goal: Refund our 24000/- Rupees
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiSouth Delhi
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Fri, 13 Dec 2013  sandeep

This company has cheated my 80 years old father of 16 lakh rupees by playing similar tricks. My father was staying alone in Delhi. We all need to come together and take these crooks / frauds to justice. They need to be sitting in the Tihar Jail and not roaming around and looting other senior citizens. I have created following email to get all the complaints and together we need to bring these guys to justice. Please send me email with your contact details (including phone number)


Also, forward it to anybody else you know is cheated by this company.