Big Bazar Future value retail - Mis-selling and cheating done by Big Bazaar in Profit Club scheme
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Complaint by: nareshgoel16 on May 23, 2015, 5:24 pm in Retail Stores

I would like to complain and inform everyone about the malpractices being indulged into by Big Bazaar people, in the name of scheme called Profit Club.
They try every trick to sell you a Profit Club card where you make initial deposit of Rs 10,000 and you are promised shopping of Rs 12,000 (Rs 1,000 per month).
The salesman selling the card does not inform you the trick they use to deny you the additional 2,000 Rs, which is simply the interest the consumer gets for making initial deposit of Rs 10,000 for getting the shopping value gradually over next one year.
They allow you to use only Rs 1,000 per month. For any shopping beyond Rs 1,000, you have to pay separately, although you have already blocked your Rs 10,000 into the Profit Club card.
The biggest catch here is, that any value remaining unutilized after one year, you are allowed to use it only during next 6 months, Which the salesmen never inform the customer while making the card.
I faced this situation, and was denied the additional Rs 2,000 at BIG BAZAAR, EDM MALL. Even the amount remaining, out of my initial deposit of Rs 10,000 was not being allowed to be used for shopping, as the customer service desk person told it will be returned via cheque. Upon complaining a lot, the Operations Manager, Mr. Sandeep was called, and he agreed that I can use the balance value for shopping, but simply denied allowing the Rs 2,000. I told him, I will apply for a new card, and Mr. SANDEEP, THE OPERATIONS MANAGER OF BIG BAZAAR, EDM can see for himself, whether the executives informs the 6 months validity period condition or not, which he denied to go.
Obviously, he was sure that the sales person will not tell the condition to a new customer, as it is a strategy of all these people, to ENJOY INTEREST FREE MONEY OF CUSTOMERS, MAKE THEM VISIT BIG BAZAARS FREQUENTLY, KEEP SHOPPING FROM THEIR STORES, WHETHER THE GOODS ARE OF GOOD VALUE OR NOT, AND THEN, FINALLY DENY THE INTEREST OF RS 2,000 AFTER ONE AND HALF YEAR.

Complainant's Goal: I want the promised money back and to help others avoid losing their money
Complainant's Target: Big Bazar, Future value retail
Complaint Location: India
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