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Complaint by: Nagarajan on December 17, 2015, 2:09 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

I had very worst experience with Maruti dealer JaiKrishnaa Autosales Private Limited, Coimbatore.

I had purchased silver colour Maruti wagon R from above dealer.

On Monday (14.12.2015), around 7 pm, I had requested the dealer that before RTO registration, I want do to pre delivery inspection for my vehicle and requested them to arrange for it. They have asked me to come to the showroom on 15.12.2015 (Tuesday) morning around 9 AM. Sales rep taken us to their yard and shown me the vehicle. We did the PDI for the vehicle (that vehicle chassis number is 979397).
However during delivery they gave me vehicle with different chassis number 979347. when I questioned about this, initially they argued saying that I have noted the chassis number wrongly, when I asked about user manual they said it will be given only after 2 working days then I forced them without manual I will not take delivery, then they asked me to wait for 1 hour since manual is taken for RTO formalities Finally they gave me manual in that user manual also vehicle chassis number showing 979397 but they have stroked out 9 with pen and written 4 (see attached document). When I questioned about this they said maruti sends vehicle and vehicle manual with chassis number written. Maruti by mistake written the wrong chassis number. I said during PDI you have shown me vehicle with chassis number 979397 but they refused to accept it. when I asked them to show me the vehicle in the yard with chassis number 979397 initially they hesitated later the showroom manager said they have not received vehicle with chassis number 979397.

I think I have been cheated by Maruti dealer, the vehicle what they shown me during PDI was not delivered to me. Can anyone suggest me how I can make complaint against this dealer. Even I have asked the dealer to provide me their PDI copy for the vehicle which I have taken delivery but they refused to do that also.

During pre-sales they said they got award from Maruti India for best dealer.. but finally I understood this dealer we cannot trust. Also the vehicle what they delivered to me is having lot of problems.. example during night driving mist is forming in the glass even with defroster switch is on it continues.

Complainant's Goal: replace the vehicle
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduCoimbatore
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