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Complaint by: babu lal on February 19, 2016, 4:16 pm in Lottery Scams

Lottery, SMS, Email and Online scam letters are sent out by the thousands and thousands every day. There are only two things they want - your money and your identity. A simple mistake can lead to loss of your identity and money.

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I received a text msg telling
That u have won 500000
Send yr name etc to

Complainant's Goal: is it true or false
Complainant's Target: Samsungcompany
Complaint Location: India

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Wed, 07 Jun 2017  sonam kuril

hello sir ,
mujhe bi aisa mail aaya jisme mujhe ek RBI ke logo me text kiya n check bi h with signature n send an attachment i send u all msg

India's Central Bank Central Headquarters,
Reserve Bank of India office, New Delhi,
Foreign Exchange Transfer Remittance Department
6, Sansad Marg, New Delhi – 110001

Your ref: Cub/Hog/Oxd1/2017 / Payment file: RBI/id1033/2016/2017

Dear Beneficiary:
Your E-mail address has been shortlisted to receive an Lottery Inheritance Compensation amount of (£200,000.00 Pounds) Which is equivalent to 1Crore 65,Lahks 51 Thousand, Five Hundred INR, The money was send by World Bank Of Switzerland Through NatWest Bank Plc, London. Your payment is categorized as: Lottery/Inheritance/ Deposited with the Reserve Bank of India/ it has been recently approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Dr. Urjit R Patel, and the United Nations President Mr. Ban Kin-Moon Secretary-General of United Nations have met with the Senate Tax Committee on Finance RBI Mumbai/Delhi branch regarding unclaimed funds which have been due for a long run. At the end of the meeting (RBI) Governor, Dr. Urjit R Patel mandated all unclaimed funds pending to be released back to the beneficiaries stating that it is an unfair practice to withhold funds in government coffers for one reason or the other. e.g., tax accumulations.
The USA And United Kingdom Lottery Promotion Council has instructed their fiduciary bank to credit your winning amount directly to RBI to curb the Govt. Tax reasons. Please you are advised to fill the form below and send it immediately to our Foreign Remittance Department for verification through email ( for prompt collection of your fund.

Note: Mr. Ken Morris working with the British High Commission will be in charge to monitor the transfer and he will contact you when your details for transfer are confirmed. Fill the Required Information correctly and Send back to this email id: ( immediately
1. Full Names:
2. Residential Address:
3. Mobile Number:
4. Occupation:
5. Sex/Age
6. Bank Name:
7. Account Number:
8. Account Holders Name:
9. Bank Branch And Swift Code:
10. Scan Copy of Your I’d Proof

NOTE: If you are not the rightful owner of this E-mail Address
Please don't reply to this message, for any double claim will lead to
Disqualification of this Fund Be Warned!!!
You are to keep all information away from the general public for security reasons.

sir i want to know it is true a false n moe thing i'm not sending my identity or account no. plz tell me it's a true or fraud