ADD CLICKING - Join with my group and take benifite of DISSCOUNT AND POWER LEG
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Complaint by: SHIV7374 on June 15, 2011, 3:24 pm in Others

Join with my group and take benifite of DISSCOUNT AND POWER LEG for your joining and your downline joinig so
Plan Details:-
Company Web site:-
company joinig amount - (1) 2000/-
Fix income- 2400/- per month for daily/ weekly clicking add
other Working income-
Direct- 200/- (10%)
Binary(1:2-2:1) 500/-
Daily caping- 5000/-
For more Details and Joinig CALL ME
Shiv Karad
you can mail or sms me also

Business Plan
Firstly you have to join as an authorised distributor of eBazAr. For this, you have to purchase a product from starter packages. Once you become a Distributor, you can avail the products/services which are available in the website at distributor price.
How to join?
Select a starter package. Deposit the amount to your nearest franchise or bank acconts of eBazAr and get the product alongwith the secret pin and serial number for joining. Then with the help of sponser or franchise, you can register as a distributor of eBazAr.

When you become an authorised Distributor of eBazAr, you can promote our business and thousands of products to your best known people, for which eBazAr rewards you with four streams of income as:-

Referral Commission:
10% of starter package price, spot commission to the sponser.

Binary Income:
When your referrals buy the Starter Packages from the Company, they also become distributors of the Company and will be introduced in the left and right side of your business network. You will receive a Pair Income of Rs. 500/- for every pair sales in your network, balancing your left and right side in the ratio 1:1 (1:1 Binary). The first payout will be on the basis of either 2:1 ratio or 1:2 ratio and this will not be accountable in the next pair Commission. When this is duplicated down the line, you earn a substantial income.

Daily you can earn a maximum amount of Rs. 5000/- as Pair Income.

1Pair X 500 =500
10 PairsX500=5000

Royalty Income:
Royalty Income is calculated based on Monthly Sales. Silver Club:- Rs 10 from each further sale of company upto 1 year. Gold Club:- Rs 15 from each further sale of company upto 1 year. Platinum Club:- Rs 25 from each further sale of company upto 1 year.

Royalty Position Achievements
Silver Club 100 Pairs
Gold Club 150 Pairs
Platinum Club 200 Pairs
eCommerce Income:
10% of the product price is distributed to members in 12 Levels.

Levels % Income
1 3.0%
2 1.5%
3 1.0%
4 0.5%
5 0.5%
6 0.5%
7 0.5%
8 0.5%
9 0.5%
10 0.5%
11 0.5%
12 0.5%

• All payouts will be added in accounts on meantime itself. Distributors can purchase the products through online or from our oulets with their credit balance also. Sales will be closed on every midnight.

• Withdrawal option will be enabled on all business days and amount will be credited your registered personnel bank accounts or will be issued as crossed cheques or distributed through our franchises within 24-48 hours (Minimum Rs 500). Processing Charge and TDS (As per Government norms) is applicable.
Leaders Contest
Mobile phone for 30 pairs and above within 10 days of joining
Laptop 10.1" For 150 pairs and above, within 1 month of joining.
Byke for 350 pairs and above, within 2 months of joining.
Alto for 1400 pair and above, within 7 months of joining.
Maruti Swift for 3000 pairs and above, within 12 months of joining.
Villa for 12000 pairs and above, within 18 months of joining.

Complainant's Goal: Increase my group
Complainant's Target: ADD CLICKING
Complaint Location: IndiaALL OVER INDIA

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