ABCD ENTERTAINMENT SK ENTERTAINMENT - JD Avinash Rout is Fraud Crimanal/ Abhinash Raut JD Fraud call himself producer
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Complaint by: mdgnr on October 12, 2015, 4:22 pm in Entertainment and Movies

The crime is geeting high. Recently a young boy named Avinash rout who refer himself JD, a very dangerous criminal mind. He say that he into movies & he call himself is a actor, producer & financier. Bt actually he doing fraud peoples & film production houses, institute in all over India bt he cheat bessically in mumbai, Kolkata, Jhargram. He take money from many peoples to make promise & his fake business name letterhead & he dont follow indian legal agreement paper too. He think he is smarter thn everyone, he also dont care or afraid of police. He had family in keonjhar, badadera, odisha. He had father, mother & sister bt he dont respect to his family to, he can sell his sister & mother if he get money to sell them. He dont have any shame, from now Avinash jd rout fraud total 4-5 lakh from different production & peoples. He also get cought thru glam institute by police in Jhargram west Bengal. In evedience of a legal court paper which Avinash jd done with them & take 50,000 for finance in their film. Bt he also try to escape bt street peoples catch him. Bt atleast jd rout make plan in police station cause he had a phone & he will release at end. If that person seen by someone or contact by someone then immideatly inform to police. He also chane his names spelling like avinash raut, or abinash, or abhinash rout, etc but his name real spelling is Abinash Jd rout.
He has also many phone numbers & fake accounts in social media. please beware.

HIS PHONE NUMBERS- +********9422

Complainant's Goal: put jd Avinash rout in jail.
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalPaschim Medinipur
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1 month ago  KUMAR TRAVELS

He also faced money failure , he booked flight ticket, not paid till, fraud, till no response my calls.
very dangerous person the name of ABHINASH ROUTH FRAUD,CHEAT

Tue, 27 Feb 2018  Priyanka Haldar

He has also cheated on innocent people in Bangalore in the name of brand shoot, he asked us to pay 5k each fr registretion Thts valid fr 3 months... 12 people payed to him n then he never turned out to give us the shoot, he just kept on postponing it fr near a month and mow it's been 2 months n more he still dint give us the shoot.. N when we asked our monkey in return he ignored our calls and texts.

Tue, 24 May 2016  abhi

sahi he behanchode ne muzhse bhi paise liye he or de nahi raha behan kaa lodaa motherchode ne kaiyo ke paise khaa ke bethaa he ...iski maa ko chodu milega to behan k lode ko bohut jute maarungaa iski mayiaa ko chodu jd raut ki

Tue, 24 May 2016  umama ahmed

Yess absolutely true
He is big fraud. He can sell his family too for money. A big criminal mine a very screwed n cunning personality. He should be in jail.

Tue, 13 Oct 2015  shilpa mahal

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