Apple India Private Limited - Iphone 7 damaged after providing to service center for repair
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Complaint by: KishanPadiyath on March 13, 2018, 10:44 am in Consumer Electronics

I have purchased an apple iphone7 and it had a sim issue where Vodafone sim was giving me a problem (on inserting only Vodafone sim, it was giving No Sim error, other network providers worked fine). I had taken it to an authorized apple service center where they said that they have to factory reset the phone. After factory resetting, they said none of the sims are working now and they needed to send it to repair center. From the repair center, they called me up saying some unauthorized modification has been done to the phone and they will not fix it further. I am not told what is the unauthorized modification done. Also, I have not taken it to any other service center except Apple authorized service center.

But when I got the phone back, I now see that the Home button of the phone is not working at all and also the sim slot has also been tampered. Now I have got the phone in a much worse condition than when I had given it for repair in your authorized service center. Now I am not able to switch ON the phone even. This is really upsetting and now the phone is completely useless.

I called up Apple customer service to tell this issue and after 3-4 days they are replying back that nothing further can be done to the device.
What they are saying is that while checking the device hardware, there are possibilities that other hardware might have an after effect and Apple will not be responsible for it
Also I am not getting any further response from their end.

Request is to atleast give back the device in the same condition when it was provided for service.

Also, when I check now, other sim cards are working except Vodafone. So I can port my number and still go ahead and use the phone.
But without the Home button (main feature of the phone), it is mostly not usable.

Request you to kindly take this up and look into it.

Best Regards,

Complainant's Goal: To at least get back the device in the same state as I had given for repair
Complainant's Target: Apple India Private Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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