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Complaint by: Manohar Chebbi on March 1, 2018, 12:12 pm in Business and Finances

The real person behind all this is Mr.Chandrashekhar B Yadav. His present mobile number is +91722911527. He goes on changing his phone numbers and even residential address. Jackal, the wolf. He has been successfully amassing crores of rupees by defrauding the innocent investors. I am also one of them. Now-a-days his modus has changed. He will call you to Ahmadabad and will execute agreement before the Notary, accepting to pay you certain sum every month. That is the last you have seen him.
Make a police complaint and you know what happens. Police will not act on a SINGLE complaint . But if many victims join together, we can do wonders. Not only Investrue, we bring all the culprits to books & make this fraud free area.
So, friends, please send me your details such as Full name with address, phone number,amount cheated and a simple letter authorizing me to go against Investrue on your behalf legally & police complaint.
What I will do?

1. I will arrange to file police complaints & legal suits at Ahmadabad simultaneously & individually. The police, the Court & Mr.culprit will all be flooded with cases/notices.
2. We will enlist the support of media & will get this reported in news papers, TV etc
3. I have already reported to Honorable Prime Minister & other prominent persons. I have received replies. WE ALL WILL DESCEND ON AHMADABAD ON A GIVEN DATE & DO DHARANA.
So, please send your details to me immediately on my watsapp 9886008490. Come join me in killing such treachery & save many people.
BREAKING NEWS; These fraudsters have opened another similar site & have already made crores of rupees. So please wake up.

Complainant's Goal: To provide info to already defrauded victims and alerting future victims
Complainant's Target: INVESTRUE ANALYSIS
Complaint Location: IndiaGujaratAhmedabad

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2 months ago   Message By Complainant Manohar Chebbi

Culprit Mr. Chandrashekher is prepared to complete jail term of 3 years(if & when awarded by some court) and after that enjoy life with our money. Police & courts seem to be of not helpful for quick recovery of our money. Some of the victims have plans to accomplish thro' other methods. I can not mention here. So, please send your details to my WhatsApp 9886008490 to be part of the recovery exercise. please do not call.