Kunal Ahlawat Fraud Cheater - Internet investment for work fraud by kunal ahlawat
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Complaint by: Rasulai tanmullutan on October 18, 2015, 2:27 am in Internet Related

I want to file my complaint against a fraud and cheater person ( KUNAL AHLAWAT ).

He is delhi India based person, he contact me through skype and we deal for work .. more then 5000$ deal and i paid him western money 2000$ as an agent i beleive and he untrust and broken the believe trust from INDIAN..

I tried more than last 10 months to him and trying to get back my money back from him but he did not responed and last he said what you can do can do agianst me. After some research on google i found his account on Facebook and he is mentioning working in goolge department he is fully fraud person.

This is his profile url on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kunalahlawat Dear all aware beaware from this fake fraudy cheater person kunal ahlawat.. he said so manny things to me but after taking money did not repiled to me . attached this fraud picture also..

Regards Rasulai tanmullutan

Complainant's Goal: Kunal Ahlawat Fraud Cheater
Complainant's Target: Kunal Ahlawat Fraud Cheater
Complaint Location: United States
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