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Complaint by: Karan Kumar H on March 14, 2017, 8:11 am in Utility Services

Complaint Against:
1. M/s. Nikhil & Co also known as Deve Gowda Petrol Pump, (India Oil Dealer), Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore-560085 (Complaint dated 6th March 2017)
2. Indian Oil Corporation, Unity Building, JC Road, Bangalore-560002 (complaint number 2955883 dated 5th March 2017)

1. Improper filling of petrol at M/s. Nikhil & Co (India Oil Dealer), 100 Feet Ring Road, BSK III Stage, Bangalore-560085 and behaving rudely with the customer (myself) as well
2. Inaction of the Indian Oil Corporation since 5th March 2017 to this hour (7-00 am IST 14th March 2017)

Date of Event: 5th March 2017
Time of Event: 3-15 pm IST
Place of Event: M/s. Nikhil & Co also known as Deve Gowda Petrol Pump, (India Oil Dealer), Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore-560085

As the fuel indication of my car started showing the indication that my fuel tank has hit reserve mode the previous (Saturday) night, I went to the petrol station on Sunday afternoon and asked the fill petrol (normal) for INR 1000/-. Against bill number 14331 dated 05-03-2017 my car was filled with 13.11 Lts of petrol. However, to my shock, the fuel tank indication light was still showing & immediately I reported the same (showed the light indication) to the owner of Indian Oil Pump. To this, the Owner replied that there must be something wrong with my car's Fuel Indicator as the indicator light was not 'off' and also indicator of the fuel tank was still showing or indicating that the fuel tank was in reserve mode. Since the owner of the petrol pump behaved rudely and asked me to do whatever I want, I had no choice but to leave my car in the petrol pump area and reported my issue to Indian Oil Corporation by calling customer care at 18002333555 vide complaint number 2955883 on 5th March 2017 at around 4-00 pm itself. The Indian Oil Corporation assured me that I my issue will be resolved well within 6 days of my complaint.

Unfortunately, to this hour (7-00 am IST, 14th March 2017), i.e., 9 days of my complaint, no one from Indian Oil Corporation has called me or met me for my complaint.

That apart, since my car was very much parked in the premises of M/s Nikhil & Co., I went to the petrol station next day morning (Monday, 6th March 2017) and reminded the owner on the pending issue. Here, since the owner kept on saying that my car's Fuel Indicator may not be working fine. To this, along with the representative of M/s Nikhil & Co and at the behest of the petrol pump owner, I took my Hyundai Verna Car to the nearest Hyundai service station (1.5 km from the petrol station and near BSK II Stage) for a checkup of fuel tank indicator. Upon verifying, the Hyundai authorities confirmed that there is nothing wrong with the fuel indicator and that the fuel indicator is working fine. They also confirmed that petrol tank indicator indicates (the light was very much 'ON') that the Fuel Tank is still in 'Reserve Mode'. It was also confirmed that Verna Car's petrol tank capacity is 50 Lts including 10 Lts capacity in reserve mode. With this confirmation of Hyundai service station authorities I brought my car back to M/s. Nikhil & Co.

Further, at 10-30 am, I got my car filled with 32.57 Lts of petrol vide bill number 15015 dated 06-03-2017 and in addition, another 5.47 Lts of petrol vide bill no. 15019 dated 06-03-2017 to make the petrol tank of my car "full" (Full Tank). Which effectively means, in all, 51.15 Lts of Petrol (13.11 Lts + 32.57 Lts + 5.47 Lts) over and above 10 Lts of petrol very much present in the reserve mode of the tank to make my car’s (Hyundai Verna) fuel tank filled?

To be precise, I had almost 9-10 Lts of Petrol (when I went to petrol pump on 5th March 2017) before filling 13.11 Lts of Petrol. Later, additional 38.04 Lts (on 6th March 2017) How is this possible? When the tank capacity itself is 50 Lts including petrol in reserve mode) can my Car's petrol tank hold 61 Lts (10 Lts + 51 Lts) of Petrol?

Unfortunately, for the last 7 days (hoping that the Indian Oil Corporation authorities will visit M/s. Nikhil & Co (petrol station)), my Verna Car is still (between 3-15 pm 5th March 2017 & 7-00 am 14th March 2017) in the petrol station. Shockingly, to my complaint and repeated reminders, none of the authorities of Indian Oil Corporation visited or resolved my issue with M/s. Nikhil & Co.

On the 6th of March 2017, I have given a detailed written complaint to the owner (M/s. Nikhil & Co.) petrol station.

Hoping for immediate action.


Karan Kumar H.
Vehicle No. KA 05 MF 5779
Mobile: +91 9986112479
Email: kk1247@hotmail.com

Complainant's Goal: Action against the inaction of Indian Oil Corporation and its dealer M/s. Nikhil
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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