MGB electronics - IFB - dishwasher : poor product, poorest customer service, rude executives
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Complaint by: sadika on October 28, 2018, 1:25 pm in Consumer Electronics

i bought a IFB dishwasher neptune vx on 27th of july 2018. the demo person did not even stay till the smallest duration cycle was overand he was in such a hurry that his words were too irresponsible as though he is doing me a great favor and the customer is nothing but a begger.
i bought it from MGB electronics, near valarmathi, near Big Bazaar. i noticed the problem even within the first month of purchase and i was thinkinhg the problem could be that i chose the wrong cycle. i tried to read the manual and when it stayed, i called MGB and i told the person who sold me that the error code of F5 is flasing with all the lights in the panel blinking to the person who sold me the unit, Mr. Ranjith. he consulted and told me to check the water pressure and if the water tank is full.
i tried it but nothing helped and so i booked a request with the customer service of IFB and they were very rude to me and after a lot of irritating talk, they sent an irresponsible service man who ran a cycle for 30 minutes and he also noticed that the same problem existed. but he is not responsible for giving me the solution but he will contact the manager from erode . he is such a liar that he has told the manager that i did not allow him to even open the machine. he never told me that the machine needs to be opened. he only said that the problem is with the valve and he will get in touch with me soon. but nothing of the sort happened. i again called the erode office and the manager was finding fault with me and not the product, not the seller, the dealer or the service. this was very disheartening.
the unit is still in warranty time since i bought it three months age and the problem was noticed even within a month of purchase. i am entitled to be restored with a new unit which works properly. and the rude people at the IFB circle be warned against insulting the customer and action taken on them immediately.

Complainant's Goal: replace the dishwasher with a new proper working dishwasher
Complainant's Target: MGB electronics
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduTiruppur

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