ICRI - ICRI indiranagar fraud
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Complaint by: seena on July 23, 2017, 5:08 pm in Colleges and Universities

Mr rafeeq ahmed working in ICRI is a fraud man ...he has issued duplicate msc certificates... rafeeq gets mad at every student coming there...he flirts with beautiful girls coming to college one such personality is tenzing lahamo.... HE HAS ALSO HACKED INTO STUDENTS ACCOUNT AND DELETED MAILS...HE PROMOTES ISLAM AND TELLS EVERYONE TO LISTEN TO SOME MUSLIM PREACHER. HE WILL DENY ALL THESE FACTS BUT THESE ARE TRUE STATEMENTS
their certificates are of no value to the industry of clinical research
no proper class and payment is not paid to workers in the institute
mr dugal owner of icri runs the institute for only money they do not work properly only using facebook and whatsapp...
they havent even given certificates to students nobody is running the course for free please investigate the institute thoroughly

Complainant's Goal: ARREST ICRI
Complainant's Target: ICRI
Complaint Location: India
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Mon, 24 Jul 2017   Message By Complainant seena

please do a fast investigation.....mr rafeeq ahmed claims that opuyr batch is bad and he is good.... when he has cheated and issued duplicate certificates ...https://www.facebook.com/rafeeqsb?hc_ref=ARTwqyzxFPQNOHdN4NLZ6CXXlQEaFzZaGMOd8jT-tOy0bJz-jfoPykPQn8IrkVIl0Os&fref=nf
mr nikunj patel flirting with girls in the campus please check his whereabouts https://www.aimedindia.com/ViewAIMEDDetails.asp?MID=1049 all these people working for money by flirting with girls