Halstone Mobile Phones ltd - i want the frauds who cheated me to be put behind bars.
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Complaint by: Nozzle on January 18, 2014, 12:08 pm in Mobile and Cell Phones

i was cheared by dis people.
they have their adds on quickr.com n olx.in saying that i can buy mobile phones for cheap for 50% discounted rates.
so i contacted dem on d given no. n dey askd me my email id n details i gave dem all.
than after selecting the mobile n all dey told me 2 pay rs. 4,500/- for shipping charges n i did that.
after that they sent me another mail in which dey said det my order is processed n gave me a website www.newwaveexp.com n gave me a tracking id ********NW to track my order.
the nxt day they called me up n told that their courier agent is at d delhi airport n det d customs are not allowing him to take the parcel without paying.
n he den told me 2 pay more rs. 8500/- immediately, n because of which v had an argument n he laughed n cut the call.
please do the needfull.
i want my money back n i want these frauds 2 b put behind bars.
i hope u will nt upset me.
thank you...

Complainant's Goal: catch the culprit (frauds) n put behind bars n that i get my money back.
Complainant's Target: Halstone Mobile Phones ltd
Complaint Location: IndiaGoaSouth Goa
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Fri, 28 Nov 2014  Yasharth

wow..just came across this thread...
same thing happened to me just now..the guy had posted on Quickr.com abt laptop for INR 40,000(actual cost is almost 3 lakh)...so i asked contact no...and the no was from UK..then we talked on watsapp and i told him that i ll only do cash on delivery..but he asked me to make part payment for shipping..rs 13500..i declined ..and the deal didnt go through...since it was too good to be true..No police complaints or quickr can help since the person is not based in iNdia..so nothing can be done abt it

Tue, 11 Feb 2014  Gowrishankar Natarajan

Even i got cheated for the same :( do you have any chance in making complaint to Quicker or olx admin ?

Sat, 25 Jan 2014   Message By Complainant Nozzle Dsouza

ur welcome Gowtham P
but i wanted these culprits 2 b cought !!!

Wed, 22 Jan 2014  Gowtham.P

thank you for the feed you made here it helps me to keep distance from that fraud because i asked them for the mobile, they asked me to send the details recently my friend too experienced the same what you had,he made a police complaint on that person no use of that so that i cross checked on the company at that time i found ur story thanks again for sharing your experienced which helps me.