Kwality walls swirl - I am very disappointed with Kwality walls swirl
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Complaint by: on August 19, 2014, 8:09 pm in Restaurants

I went to this place on three occasions and refused every time. the story goes as i bought a coupon from which says buy a large swirl to get a regular swirl free ( the coupon is worth rs.9, and i bought two such coupons. the first time i went i was bluntly refused then after pursuing them for half an hour i was told that they need a xerox copy od an id proof. but when i booked the coupons they specifically said that they will just need to see an id proof, and not a xerox. none of the xerox centres are located near this mall, so i went again on another day, this time as soon as we mentioned the coupon they said that their machines arent working, when in reality i actually saw them selling icecreams merrily to other customers but i had no evidence. so on the third day i sent a friend of mine to buy icecream and they said they have all the flavours except one, then as soon as i joined my friend with the coupon, Pampa Halder refused citing "bad machine" as her reason, to which i said that cannot be possible as they just said that all the icecreams except one is available, and she didnt have an answer. I got on the phone with the store manager, Sandip Mukherjee, and he didnt seem to have a clue on what's happening as he was not present at the moment. Finally, guess what, the non-functioning machines did deliver our icecream, so I really dont understand what was the hue and cry was all about??? for my harassment that went on for 3 days, i want a solid apology from both Pampa Halder and Sandeep Mukherjee, and an assurance that no one will have to face this type of behaviour ever again. [I am too kind to ask for the termination of Pampa Halder but her attitude is that much bad or should i say worst]

Complainant's Goal: I need a solid apology from the staff, Pampa Halder & the store manager himself.
Complainant's Target: Kwality walls swirl
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalKolkata
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