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Complaint by: Gaurav on July 7, 2009, 11:07 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

This is the copy of mail sent by me to skoda customer care and even called the dealer for help but everthing is of no use which let me get to you people for help . please help me out and provide me proper justice i really incurred huge loss.

Respected Sir,

We are sorry to inform you that we are unsatisfied with the services and support provided by your Skoda dealer in India.

We purchased Skoda Laura 1.9 TDI 77KW Diesel, with Chassis No. TMBBSB1Z17A150683 and Engine No. BJB202528 on March 23rd, 2007 from Krishna Auto Sales, G.T. Road, Dhandari Kalan, Ludhiana, India.

The company’s reputation and power in Czech and also our inclination to perfect perfection derived us to purchase this car.

After the purchase, we have faced numerous problems with the car and also with the unresponsive dealer from whom we purchased the car.

Few days after the car was delivered, the horn broke down. Since driving without horn in India is extremely dangerous. We went to Krishna Autos, Ludhiana, to replace the horn. But the dealer was out of stock and asked us to wait for a week. When we asked them about any other alternative replacement they simply denied and said, the owner has to bear for a week without horn. Then the horn was replaced after 15 days at no cost, since the car was under the warranty.

Then after a month or so, the battery of the car broke down, without any notification of its low power or weakness. I called the dealer, and asked them what I should do now, since I am far away from my home city and I couldn\'t find any service centre nearby. The dealer advised me to push the car from behind and get the engine started. Being a business man it doesn\'t make any sense to me. Then after making the car to start at my own, I went straight to Krishna Autos, Ludhiana again, to get the batteries replaced. The battery was out of stock, they asked us to drop the car at their service station as it will take a week for the battery to reach them. I have never seen any agency which is always out of stock. Krishna Auto\'s is located at 100 Km’s (150 miles) away from my home, I agreed to drop my car but the company has no way to drop me back home, they asked me to hire a cab or bus. Then we have to wait for the car and the battery for another 10 days. It’s a lot of mental stress when you have no vehicle to go to your business and back home. Somehow I managed for another 10 days. But couldn’t retain my financial loses.

Few months later, All the five tires have developed bulge and needs to be replaced. While we were going to New Delhi, one of the tires busted. The car was under the warranty and also it was at about 15,000 Km’s. The same time we replaced the tire and call the Skoda agency, they said they have launched the complaint and the tire will be replaced in warranty. Then later after few days when we went to the Skoda Agency, Ludhiana, they said it’s late and the warranty of tire is only up to 20,000Kms. When we said the complaint was launched at 15,000 miles. They denied and said they don\'t entertain telephonic complaints.

Then we have to replace all the five tires at our own cost (Rs. 20,000). And up to that time the horns have been replaced about 10 times.

Then during first summer season, we faced some cooling problem with the AC. We took the car to Krishna Autos Ludhiana; they said there is little dust in the air filter. They tried to ignore our complaint by saying the AC is working fine, we managed that summer without AC, but during Second Summer season, we faced the same problem. We went to the dealer, they said the compressor needs to be changed, but they are out of stock. It took more than a month for the compressor to reach the dealer. Again we and our patience managed 45 degree Celsius for more than a month. Another month we have to deal without car.

Then two days later the car was delivered there was problem with the ignition, our dealer said its Electric Module needs to be changed. And it will take another 15 days for the module to reach Dealer, on being asked they said the parts come from Czech Republic and it takes 15 days for the delivery. Okay, another 15 days without car. After the car was delivered the next day there was huge smoke from the silencer. I called the agency and asked them what I should do, since the car doesn\'t take the accelerator, and there was no Engine oil in the car. All this because the car was with the dealer for past 15 days and we have no idea what they did with the engine.

On my phone call talks with the Service Manager Mr. Pardeep Sharma, he asked us to bring the car to them, I asked them how, since its gives huge smoke and there is no Engine oil also, they said, just drive slowly and keep refueling the engine oil after every 1 Km and drive for 100 Km’s where the Agency is located. I was like what?? It can cease the Engine.

I hired a tow truck to drop the car at the agency. Now they said the Turbo of the car is no working and it has to be replaced. The warranty period expired a month ago, and the car was with the dealer for past 3 months and during that period these problems came, and now they say it’s out of warranty and we have to pay 1,50,000 for the turbo.

When they want to sell their car then they themselves will travel 100 Km’s and show us the features of the car, But after you sell the car then what.

Companies maintain long term relationships, with the existing customers. In order to make them buy their next higher model. But with your company I find there is no proper check on maintaining customer relationships and after sales service.

I am writing you this email because of unresponsive behavior of our Dealer in India and also Skoda India customer care department.

I want my car should be replaced by a higher model, since it’s full of problems. Also compensatory amount of Rs. 50,000,00 which is for the loses I have beard in my business during the period of past two years, days during which the car is with the dealer. And there has been no support by your Dealer in Ludhiana, because of which we have faced a lot of business loss, mental torture and also it has been affecting our reputation.

I feel my dealer has enjoyed keeping my car for more period than me,.

I hope the company will understand the problems I have faced from the date of purchase of the car. And I believe the company will act accordingly to maintain strong customer relationships in future.

Your assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated. Looking forward to your response.



Gaurav Gupta



Complainant's Goal: Want refund of my money and business loss for Rs.50,00,000/- .
Complainant's Target: Krishna Auto Sales
Complaint Location: IndiaPunjabMoga
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