East Coast Railway - I am not satisfied with the adjustment of seats in Waiting List in train.
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Complaint by: Satya on August 26, 2012, 11:08 pm in Indian Railways

The TTE in Train No.58530 VSKP - DURG - on dt.20.8.2012 pleased to provide seats to the traspassers to the reservation compartment by taking illegal gratification by not providing the reservation ticket holders who are in Waiting List. Sealt No.7 & 8 was provided to the passengers travelling from VSKP to BOBILLI (who are trespassers). The Seat No.8 was not confirmed. The Seat No.7 was demanded by the TTE to be his own for rest. Instead of using Seat No.7 (if it is meant for him) by him for his rest. He had sold it to the trespassers. On asking to him for allotting the same to the trespassers he replied that he can do with his seat whatever he likes. As per his words there is nothing to say by the passengers who are having reservation tickets in Waiting. I was occupied with a vacant one i.e. Seat No.72 as there was no claimant, reaching near to the Parvatipuram Station, the TTE with personal gurdge as i had questioned for allotment of the seat No.7 & 8 to the trespassers, adjusted the Seat No.72 to the Waiting List No.32. I am travelling with my middle elder brother from VSKP to NPD Road. My WL No. was 26 & 27. The TTE written on my ticket Waiting No.27 & 28 while asking to adjust me in Seat No.72.

Complainant's Goal: Trespassers should not be allowed with illegal gratification. Disrespect of TTE.
Complainant's Target: East Coast Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshVishakhapatnam

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