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Complaint by: sreejeshs on January 24, 2018, 3:51 am in Real Estate

Hanco Property Developers Pvt Ltd Palakkad, Kerala

This is to bring to the awareness of the public that I bought an apartment –Mountain Mist in OlavakodePalakkad in year 2014.
I paid the full money as per agreement made in 2014 and got it registered in 2016.Since then I am ahaving problems only with this developer -Hanco Property Developers Pvt Ltd Palakkad, Kerala

There are several defects in my apartment and this gentleman AnanthaNarayan Hariharan has not bothered to close defects after temporary possession was given to us. Painting work is not completed as on 2018 January. The balcony grills are rusted by now and don’t care . What he tells us is that he will take back apartment and pay us the money back. The whole idea is that we booked for 2200 per square feet and now he is selling for 3800 per square feet.He tells us that we went to buy his apartment and he did not force us to buy.But this gentleman has posted like a beggar in website –hanco.in that he is trusted and reliable builder .In fact he has cheated us and several cases are going on in the Palakkad and Thrissur courts .One engineer from Thrissur branch informed us that this Anantha Narayan Hariharan only thinks negative and thinks how to make money easily.His wife, Vani Ananthanarayan is also a party to these deceitful things as she s also director of the company .
Car parking has not been allotted. His modus operandi as informed by the Engineers working for his firm told us that, after completion certificate he would make illegal structures for covered car parking. No set back area is left out. The fire engine cannot enter the apartment complex due to lack of space. Some of the comments made by my fellow residents is true as he has only 16 car park beneath the building and rest car parking he plans after completion certificates. He is cheating the town planning authority ,Palakkad.
We heard that Fire approval was stopped for nearly 2 years . Also Fire department is very strict with his upcoming project SIVAM. He is trying to grease the palm of all officials.

Water and electricity is not connected to main meters of all the flats. The commercial electricity meter is in use as on January 2018.How can we trust this builder.
I heard that he if you confront him then his female staff will be brought forward and if we speak against his company and works ,he would charge you with molestation case.So whoever approach be careful. He is a nasty bugger/beggar.

Complainant's Goal: Deficiencies to be corrected -Car parking allotted as per possession basis-
Complainant's Target: Hanco property palakkad
Complaint Location: IndiaKerala
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