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Complaint by: Frenil Shah on March 4, 2011, 2:16 pm in Travel Agencies

Dear Sir.

I am a travel agent . My Id has been deactivated reason being having two ids but my argument is sir what if the agent wants to book is own ticket? I use smart shop software to book the tickets they say the number of the customer is compulsory but if we need to book our own ticket and we keep our own numbers to we can not book our ticket then how we do our bookings? we keep our personal ids to just book our personal tickets . If we do from agent id we have phone number prob if we do from personal id we are again we are in to violation now you only say what we do? We pay so much for the licence and we have to have all problems but a normal man can make a id for free and book tickets he has no matters to face. A bad fact of India we pay and we bare . :(

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